A man who is humble, generous, and an inspiration to his management and subordinates

Satya Narayan Agarwal (middle), Praveen Garg (right) and  Pranav Garg (left)

Satya Narayan Agarwal has got remarkable experience of 50+ years in Real Estate and Plywood Manufacturing. He trusts in making and creating something different for the users. It is the uniqueness that he wants to be known for. Coming from the small town of Siliguri, this man had bigger dreams to become a known person in plywood manufacturing and real estate. He started as a plywood manufacturer and slowly ventured into real estate. He believes in delivering quality rather than quantity.

For his sons Pranav and Praveen, Satya Narayan Agarwal has been a sole motivator. They say, our dad is the inspiration for what we are today. We have been in this business of plywood manufacturing and real estate for about 15+ years. After completing school and college, we both entered our family business and help it grow. Today, The Golden Group, Siliguri is known for its exceptional quality products and customer satisfaction.

Satya Narayan Agarwal, started his business in the year 1986, since then he has never looked back. He says,

“We never stop learning. Each day motivates us to do something better than yesterday and that is what keeps our spirits high”.

We believe to always focus on problem-solving in the simplest possible manner. Making the products according to the desire and requirement of the customer is the motto, of Satya Narayan’s life. He also says that we not only generate employees but believe in customer satisfaction. Developing the city is another motive of my company, Golden Solutions. 

The USP of his business is to create houses, offices, and spaces according to the requirement of the clients. The company is ready to offer whatever the client wants without compromising on Quality. Golden solution`s vision and mission are,

“We don’t sell what we make, we make what the customer’s and the society demands. We are driven by the customers and their desires. Making their desires turn into reality makes us different from our competitors.”

Satya Narayan Agarwal always had the zeal and the passion to create something distinct for the people and the society. This drove him to make Golden Solutions which has always been there to add value to whatever the clients demand. Satya says “Everyone desires a home and office, and we at Golden solutions are there to make your wish come true”. He says that my company, the management, and the people working there together help to do more and more for society. As an entrepreneur, we at Golden Solutions research, analyze the demands of the clients and give them what they need.  He remains cool with his team and management. His soft-spoken attitude is something that everyone at Golden Solution is in love with and this is what inspires everyone to work harder.

Satya says, the real estate has growth prospects if I see the geographical location of Siliguri but, COVID has had adverse effects on the market. But, he believes this is temporary and  the scope of the real estate business to grow in the coming years is high. He is not at all scared of failure as he has the zeal to learn from it. He keeps his spirits high and stays motivated to do more and more for the clients and society. He always wants to be known for “what he has given rather than what he has taken”.

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