A Teacher by heart, this network Engineer quit his job to prepare students for various competitive exams

Ashiq Lone – Founder & Director, Jobs Adda

During the pandemic, around December 2020, Ashiq Lone finally took the entrepreneurial plunge into the segment which is very close to his heart – teaching. He simply loves teaching and guiding students to build their destiny. He was so determined with his idea of opening something of his own in the teaching line that he quit his well-set job as a network Engineer in Bangalore and came back to Jammu to open Jobs Adda with a capital investment of 2 lakh. And exactly after a year his income is 2-3 lakh per month. He coaches almost 1000 students daily and have 10 faculty members working with him to help students crack competitive exams.

Ashiq has always been his students’ favourite. Unlike other business, his venture is into coaching students and shape up their future. There’s always a joy in watching students do good in state or national level competitive exams and become future bureaucrats. Jobs Adda is not only another business, but a set-up that creates positive impact in the society and inspires others a lot.

With a dream to take his venture across nuke and corner of Jammu, Ashiq is committed to deliver quality education and coaching to his students. Jobs Adda’s online mock tests are free and gives an insight to the course he has designed. Online Mock tests are very crucial for clearing any online exam along with the latest pattern and hence, students should be acclimatized with the same. Some salient features of Jobs Adda which makes it a class apart are – notes written by toppers, personalized analysis tool, learning community, bilingual facility, and scheduled exams. Exam qualified team dedicatedly research to design the best test series along with the detailed and tricky solutions. This in turn helps students to score higher ranks in the exams.

Like any entrepreneur, Ashiq too had to face hardships. He didn’t have much financial support, yet he started it just because he loved teaching. However, he remained focused, dedicated and committed. From 2300 bucks per month to 3 lakh monthly income says it all. The fact that there’s lack of quality institutes delivering quality stuffs to the students, made him excel in the field which he is passionate about. And positive feedback from students furthermore testifies his success.

To all young teachers and entrepreneurs who might be planning to start a coaching centre, Ashiq has a few tips. He signs off by saying,

“Remain focussed and with 100% dedication you will achieve whatever you desire for.”

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