After Reaching A Pause In His Career, One Brave Man Alters His Whole Life By Focusing On The Path That Is Less Traveled In The Two-wheeler Automobile Industry

Do you know how much courage one has to muster to launch one’s self in an entrepreneurial realm? Do you know how scary it is to not know the unknown, to not have the idea of the result, even, not having the ideation of how the thing will pan out? It can be pretty scary and tough but a determinant person with a fierce zeal can do anything if they put their mind to it.

The story of Mr.Nitin Gorivale will inspire you to take charge and turn your career around by taking the first towards your entrepreneurial endeavor. Mr. Gorivale was just 30 when inspiration hit him. Starting his career in 2002 with HMSI, he got the knowledge he needed to initiate his business on the two-wheelers.

Having worked with them, helped him acquire the proficiency and understanding of the market in the easiest way possible. At the age of 27 years old, he started working in Group GM, which is one. of the biggest automobile dealers. It is at this period he recognized that his growth as an employee was coming to stop.

Understanding that this is not what he desires to be, as he wanted to grow, as he wanted to expand his horizon of knowledge, he recognized the opportunity that lay in front of him. Comprehending the gap that lay in the two-wheeler automobile services, he jumped to fill the gap with his initiation with his obtained awareness in 2 years,  he jumped into the franchising business. 

“After entering into a business I judged that there is lots of scope of business and improvement in the multi-brand two-wheeler service industry… after working almost 2 years I entered into the franchise business model”

The essence of his business:

Spreading his 22 franchises in 6 states, the most important aspect of his business was to fill the overlaid gaps that lay in the two-wheeler automobile industry. Understanding how crucial the part needs to be played, Mr. Gorivale, took the initiation knowing how impactful the two-wheeler industry is.

Realizing the significance of Quick Auto Services, he claimed that he wanted to create employment for the people who were looking forward to acquiring a job while fulfilling the necessities of the owners of the two-wheelers by providing them with high-quality services in a cost-effective way. By amalgamating two concepts into one, that is the Unit franchise & another is Master Franchise, he tried to provide a professional solution earnestly and ethically.

“Quick auto work on exactly this problem and we decided to come with the good option for two-wheeler user for service with quality and reasonable rates”

By developing management trees to help and support the franchisee partner along with the customer, they have appointed an area territory manager on every 5 franchises so that the serviceability of the franchise can be enhanced and improvised. With that, they believe they will have expanded their network of franchises to 200+ all over India by Dec 2022, along with the introduction to the electric vehicle manufacturing business.

His inspiration behind the initiation:

After hitting a pause in his career, realizing that he has reached the topmost position as an employee, but his passion to go far ahead than where he was, he took inspiration from his mother to keep walking forward. The support and encouragement he received from his mother, who wanted her son to at least create jobs for 500 people, helped him to be motivated enough to take the less-traveled path in the automobile industry.

Being taught that focusing on his weakness will not yield him any positive result, whereas he should stress on his strengths to provide him with confidence, he kept walking, slowly but effectively.

“She always taught me not to worry about my weakness and take advantage of my strengths… It was her dream to give employment to 500 people. And I’m happy because I’m moving on that way.”

Apart from that, it was Mr. Ratan Tata who shaped his socialistic outlook for bringing a change using his entrepreneurial spirit.

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