An Entrepreneur with Strong Will: Her Journey Inspires Many

Difficult times require Strong people who look at every problem as an opportunity to succeed. Such is the mindset of our Women Entrepreneur, Aarti Patil.

The food sector has been through various ups and downs in the recent years, as very few individuals have taken the Food Sector to rising heights. The decade didn’t witness many promising talents who can preserve the culture and authenticity of food.

The consumers of food industry have also become indigenously loyal to the taste and authenticity of food. From fusion to homemade food, packed to cooked food, the industry has seen many changing trends of acceptance. This is when a revolutionary individual with sparking talent of replicating Maharashtrian Taste arose to fame with establishment of FoodfadKitchen.

FoodfadKitchen has been connecting the hearts of people to homemade food and constantly reminds them of their home through good food. This connection has attached more than 10,000 customers into their loyal clientele.

Aarti Patil, Founder & MD, FFK, belongs to the modest Maharashtrian background, with the family business encompassed into a Snack Centre. Having impressive oratory skills, Aarti Patil is a certified orator from Xtraordinary Speakers Academy, with magnificent skills of Entrepreneurship, which she combines with her love for authentic taste of Maharashtra. She has been the pioneer in showcasing her zeal, enthusiasm, and business management through her culinary skills and their implementation on FoodfadKitchen.

To have won “40 under 40” Indian Achievers Award and many more, she has a magnetizing personality, full of energy devoted to her goal of globalising her enterprise FoodfadKitchen.

As she herself mentions, that “Nothing worthy in this world comes easily”, she has been the face of food industry since 2018 when she established her small journey of food. This journey has successfully completed three years, with 5000 health conscious supporters, who help her spreading awareness about the importance of good food. The vision of the company runs on just two words, – Culture and Value.

As every other business model, Aarti also faced obstacles in spreading the word about her new enterprise. Perseverant hard work with delivery of quality food has led her to successful organic marketing of her business through word of mouth.

She is an inspiration for all women who cook absolutely amazing food at their homes, to come upfront and establish themselves through their skills. In the interview, Aarti Patil enthusiastically mentioned that establishing FFK has been her dream, and also an escape from the monotonous 9 to 5 routine.

She remembered the difficulties and challenges she had to face just to follow her passion and had to forego the normal life standards.

She says “my discipline helped me achieve something that a lot of people crave for. I’m creating a legacy here, and it requires Sacrifice”.

Nevertheless, her business model of taking forward the traditional recipes of Maharashtrian households to the Indian Map, has owned her immense success so much so that FFK is ready to expand into the Metro Cities.

Behind every successful enterprise, there is a perseverant enthusiast just like Aarti Patil, who finds peace in travelling, dancing and exercising. The eventual goal of FFK, as per Aarti is to create a legacy and take it forward through generations.

She sure is an inspiration for all the aspiring women entrepreneurs out there, through doing her own bit for spreading the soul of Maharashtra – it’s Food.

You can try their authentic servings, explore the menu and get the best food at your door step.

You can know more about her on her website or reach out to them at

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