Balancing Act: Quality Interiors on a Budget at Design-O-Dwells

In the vibrant city of Bangalore, a captivating story unfolds, guided by the visionary Rupraj Lagnajeet Mohanty. Our main character, Rupraj, an IT Engineer with a decade of experience in IT Infrastructure, unexpectedly ventures into the realm of interior design.

The narrative begins when Rupraj purchases his flat in Bengaluru and explores the world of home interior companies. To his surprise, he finds two distinct categories – one offering excellent but costly work, and the other providing economical solutions with subpar finishing. Confronted with this dilemma and constrained by a tight budget, he chooses the latter, leading to a nightmarish experience. Delays, low-quality materials, and constant supervision were required. This challenging ordeal becomes the catalyst for Rupraj’s entry into the field of interior design.

Motivated to provide budget-friendly yet high-quality interior solutions, Rupraj establishes Design-O-Dwells in 2019. His flat becomes the inaugural project, with his wife as the first client. This marks the commencement of a journey dedicated to creating modern interiors without financial strain.

Situated in Bangalore East, Varthur, Whitefield, Design-O-Dwells swiftly grows into a team of 30 dedicated professionals. Specializing in turnkey projects, the firm boasts over 250 successfully completed projects in Bangalore and nearly 200 in Sobha Dream Acres, Panathur. Expanding its scope beyond interiors, Design-O-Dwells introduces the concept of “Apna Balcony,” focusing on designing balconies to enhance outdoor spaces. An application is also in development, allowing clients to design their balconies with user-friendly drag-and-drop options.

At the core of Design-O-Dwells’ mission is its impact on society. The firm aims to be the one-stop solution for middle-class families, providing them with the best interior services within their budget. Transparency, integrity, and a commitment to delivering a world-class experience define the principles of Design-O-Dwells.

Specializing in residential home interiors, the firm offers customized solutions based on the client’s budget, avoiding unnecessary additions and focusing on essential design elements. With the rise of the WFH culture, Design-O-Dwells introduces Apna Balcony, aiming to transform and customize this often-overlooked space.

Rupraj’s entrepreneurial journey faces challenges. Setting up a business oriented towards customer service comes with its share of obstacles, including managing client expectations and handling tough customers. However, his experiences, coupled with the support of his family, have been crucial in overcoming these hurdles.

Learning from the struggles, Rupraj emphasizes the importance of business understanding, having the right people in the right places, offering the best to get the best from the team, transparency, and having contingency plans for unforeseen events.

As Design-O-Dwells sets its sights on the future, Rupraj envisions expanding operations to Odisha, his home state, by establishing a factory around Bhubaneswar. The firm aims to bring innovative design solutions and high-quality interiors to a region currently underserved in this regard. The journey is not just about monetary success for Rupraj; it’s about creating a brand that delivers the best interior services across the country.

Design-O-Dwells, under the leadership of Rupraj Lagnajeet Mohanty, is not just transforming spaces; it’s creating a legacy of affordable, high-quality interior design that resonates with people’s dreams and aspirations.