Building Unique and Satisfying Spaces: The Journey of Architect Harsshal Amrritkar and His Design Firm

Harsshal Amrritkar is the Director/Owner of Design HQ, a renowned architecture firm located in Nashik, Maharashtra, India. His strong passion for innovative design ideas and ensuring client satisfaction drive his work. His interest in architecture began when he actively participated in guiding workers during the construction of his own house, leading him to realize that architecture was his true calling. After several years of working in the field and honing his skills, he took the leap and founded his own firm in 2016.

Since its inception, Design HQ has experienced steady growth and gained a reputation for never failing to meet client expectations. Harsshal believes that his business plays a crucial role in people’s lives by providing them with spaces that offer peace and happiness. He specializes in architectural design, creatively fulfilling clients’ demands for unique living spaces.

The firm’s uniqueness lies in its tropical aesthetic, cleverly incorporating local materials with a modern touch, and presenting opulent spaces that have an international appeal rooted in traditional concepts. Each project is treated with individuality, and no design is repeated, making them truly exclusive. The success of the firm has allowed Harsshal to look forward to further expansion and offering even higher service levels to his clients.

Harsshal’s motivation to start his own business came from his desire to make a positive impact on clients’ lives by creating spaces they would cherish. He draws inspiration from Shri Ramesh Edwankar Sir, whose encouragement helped him navigate challenges in pursuing his passion.

As an entrepreneur, Harsshal faced the common struggles of meeting deadlines and staying within budgets. To overcome these hurdles, he diligently manages project timelines and finds creative solutions to maintain budget constraints. Additionally, he invests time in 3D representations to bring projects to life and impress clients, increasing the chances of finalizing the designs and moving on to construction.

Starting his business required support from his family, thorough market analysis, and adequate funds. Harsshal believes in continually searching for new market opportunities and identifying and meeting consumer needs.

His unique qualities as an entrepreneur include excellent negotiation skills, an eagerness to learn, and a strong work ethic. Harsshal cherishes every project he undertakes, but one that holds a special place in his heart involved a client from LIC, who was incredibly generous and gave him the freedom to showcase his creative ideas.

As a designer, Harsshal acknowledges the importance of sustainable and green architecture, believing it is their duty to give back to nature for the gifts it provides.

Understanding client psychology is critical in architecture, as it helps in creating designs that resonate with clients and ultimately lead to greater satisfaction.

Harsshal’s entrepreneurial journey has taught him valuable lessons in proactively facing challenges, being courageous, and maintaining a balance between people and business priorities.

To budding architects and designers, he imparts the advice to love and enjoy their work, as it is the key to success and fulfillment in their profession.

His dedication and unique design approach were recognized when Design HQ won the prestigious India Design Awards in 2023.