Creating Spaces That Breathe: The Journey of Shivani Jain and Mokshetra Interiors

As a person, Shivani embodies a blend of practicality and creativity. She values comfort and simplicity in her everyday life but is equally passionate about the aesthetics and functionality of the spaces she inhabits. From an early age, Shivani was keenly aware of how environments affect our well-being and emotions. She believes that space is not just a physical entity but a feeling, a sense of belonging, and a reflection of one’s identity. This belief fueled her desire to pursue a career in interior design, where she could transform spaces into personalized sanctuaries. In Shivani’s words: “I am very comfortable wearing a T-shirt and pajamas all day, but I can’t sit and watch a movie on an uncomfortable sofa in a shabby-looking space. For me, space is a feeling, a sense of belonging, and a reflection of who I am and what I want. It’s not about dumping everything everywhere, thinking it will look nice or be useful. It’s about creating an environment that makes you feel a sense of vastness, akin to the experience of being in an open garden or at a beach. So I believe in openness and minimalism. Have what you require and leave the rest empty. Let the space breathe.”

Shivani always dreamed of having her own firm to create spaces that feel like heaven for those who enter. This dream materialized into “Mokshetra Interiors.” The name “Mokshetra” is a beautiful amalgamation of “Moksh,” meaning heaven, and “shetra,” meaning house, symbolizing a “heavenly house.” Her firm, Mokshetra Interiors, is dedicated to crafting interiors that provide a sense of serenity and joy, ensuring that every design is a true reflection of the client’s personality and needs. Shivani’s approach to design is rooted in minimalism and openness, allowing spaces to breathe and thrive. Her work is a testament to her belief that a well-designed space can profoundly impact one’s life.

Mokshetra Interiors, founded in June 2017, is currently an active business. The firm profoundly impacts society by enhancing the quality of life through meticulously designed spaces that promote health, well-being, and inclusivity. By creating environments that reflect a sense of comfort and belonging, Mokshetra Interiors improves mental well-being and overall quality of life. Their designs ensure that spaces are not only beautiful but also functional and tailored to the unique needs of individuals and families. Emphasizing openness and minimalism, Mokshetra Interiors designs spaces that reduce stress and foster a sense of tranquility. The thoughtful integration of natural light, ventilation, and ergonomic design elements promotes physical health and mental relaxation. The firm prioritizes creating accessible spaces that accommodate all users, ensuring that everyone, regardless of ability, can navigate and enjoy their environment comfortably.

This commitment to inclusivity reflects a broader societal value of equal access. Mokshetra Interiors incorporates sustainable practices in their projects, from selecting eco-friendly materials to implementing energy-efficient solutions. These efforts contribute to reducing the environmental impact of buildings and promote a sustainable future. By designing appealing commercial spaces, Mokshetra Interiors helps attract customers and increase business activity. Well-designed work environments also boost employee productivity and satisfaction, contributing to economic growth. The firm preserves cultural heritage by thoughtfully incorporating local materials, motifs, and design traditions into their projects. This approach not only honors the past but also enriches the cultural identity of the spaces they create. Effective design in educational spaces enhances learning experiences by creating environments that are conducive to concentration, creativity, and comfort. Mokshetra Interiors’ designs support educational institutions in fostering better learning outcomes. Well-designed public spaces created by Mokshetra Interiors foster social interaction and community engagement. These spaces serve as gathering points that strengthen community ties and encourage a sense of belonging among residents. In essence, Mokshetra Interiors shapes living, working, learning, and recreational environments in ways that significantly influence societal well-being, economic vitality, cultural identity, and environmental sustainability. Through their innovative and thoughtful design approach, they contribute to a more harmonious and inclusive society.

Shivani specializes in residential design, creating beautiful, functional, and personalized living spaces that reflect her clients’ unique lifestyles and preferences. Her expertise lies in transforming houses into homes that embody comfort, style, and a sense of belonging. Through innovative space planning, meticulous attention to detail, and a deep understanding of residential needs, Shivani brings her clients’ dream homes to life. In Shivani’s early years practicing interior design, she noticed a significant drawback: clients often lacked clarity about their tastes and preferences. Many were unaware of the diverse styles and themes in interior design, making it challenging to create spaces that truly resonated with them. At Mokshetra Interiors, Shivani and her team address this issue by first guiding clients through various interior design styles. They provide detailed explanations and visual examples, helping clients identify and articulate their preferences. This collaborative process ensures that the final design is a perfect blend of the client’s desires and the designer’s expertise, resulting in spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and deeply personal.

Shivani’s design philosophy focuses on transforming spaces into serene and tranquil environments that foster relaxation and well-being. Each project is crafted to exude charm and elegance, ensuring a luxurious feel that enhances the overall ambiance. This unique blend of calmness and sophistication sets her work apart, providing clients with not just beautiful spaces, but also sanctuaries that they can truly call home. In addition to designing spaces, Shivani envisions a future where she can also contribute to the education and development of aspiring designers. Drawing from her experience in the education field, she aims to nurture and guide the next generation of enthusiastic designers, helping them unlock their potential and flourish in the industry. Furthermore, she aspires to build a community of talented individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures, where they can collaborate, learn from each other, and collectively grow and succeed. This vision encompasses not just designing spaces, but also fostering a supportive and thriving community within the design industry.

What encouraged Shivani to start her business was a combination of her passion for creating luxurious, comfortable living environments and her belief in the power of thoughtful, minimalist design. She wanted to prove that even a small space can exude luxury without being overdone. This drive to enhance the quality of living through well-designed, functional spaces is what led her to establish Mokshetra Interiors. Professionally, Shivani considers Zaha Hadid as her inspiration and idol. As a pioneering woman architect, Zaha revolutionized the design world and transformed perceptions with her radical deconstructivist designs. Her commitment to design excellence and her ability to create monumental architectural masterpieces are truly mind-blowing. Zaha Hadid’s dedication and groundbreaking work in the field have always inspired Shivani to push the boundaries and strive for innovation in her own designs.

As Shivani started her journey as a freelance interior designer, the initial struggle was gaining trust and credibility as a fresher. Convincing clients to have faith in her abilities and hand over their spaces to her was a significant challenge. This often meant spending long hours on-site, meticulously monitoring every detail to ensure everything went right. Managing craftsmen and workers posed additional challenges, requiring clear communication and effective management skills. One of the major lessons she learned was the importance of educating clients about the distinct roles of a designer and a contractor. Many clients initially perceived designers merely as workers, not understanding the value they bring in terms of creativity, planning, and execution. Overcoming this misconception required patience, persistence, and consistently exceeding client expectations. Key takeaways from these experiences include patience and persistence: it takes time to build trust and credibility. By consistently delivering high-quality work and maintaining a professional attitude, Shivani gradually built a positive reputation. Education and communication: clearly communicating the unique value of a designer’s work helps clients understand and appreciate the difference from a contractor’s role. Confidence and positivity: maintaining confidence in her abilities and a positive attitude helped her navigate challenges and stay motivated. From her personal life, the need for comfort and aesthetic appeal in her surroundings deeply influenced her professional approach. Being someone who values a well-designed, comfortable space, Shivani strives to create environments that offer the same sense of well-being and satisfaction to her clients. Ultimately, the journey taught her that no one can underestimate you unless you allow them to. Confidence, continuous improvement, and a positive outlook are essential to overcoming challenges and succeeding as an entrepreneur.

The essentials needed to start Shivani’s business and pursue her profession included assembling a good team of skilled craftsmen and establishing reliable contacts with merchandisers who offer quality products at affordable rates. It was crucial to have a team that not only shared her vision but also had a great taste and sense of design and style. This alignment ensured that they could work cohesively to bring her creative ideas to life and consistently deliver exceptional results. Shivani identified the opportunity in the market when she noticed several key issues: spaces were often overdone without a proper understanding of color and their psychological effects on the mind, lighting designs were inefficient, and carpenters, despite their craftsmanship, were taking on roles as designers and executing entire projects without the necessary design expertise. This made her realize the significant need for professional interior designers who could bring a balanced and informed approach to creating functional, aesthetically pleasing, and psychologically beneficial spaces.

As an entrepreneur, what sets Shivani apart is her innovative thinking, passion, and clear vision for the future. These qualities drive her to overcome challenges and inspire others. Additionally, being a woman entrepreneur adds a unique perspective to her journey. Shivani’s adaptability and willingness to take calculated risks enable her to thrive in changing market conditions. A customer-centric approach ensures that they deliver exceptional value and experiences to their clients. Strong leadership and team-building skills, coupled with a commitment to continuous learning and ethical practices, build trust and a solid reputation for her business. Effective problem-solving and the ability to network and collaborate open.