Despite the setbacks, the motivation to create an interactive and better ambiance for people helped him attain his dreams

Rishabh Jain, a brilliant mind behind DREAMWORLD SPACE, an interior designing and architectural company, always dared to see big dreams and translated them to whatever course of action that is required, come Hell or high water. He started his business in 2019 when he was 27 years old with his savings of just five lacs. No one would have believed that this small business with turn into a miracle turnover of about one crore in just two years. It was all because of his hard work and dedication towards his idea of converting his dream into reality.

In childhood, by seeing skyscrapers and tall buildings, he would wonder about how it is designed, how it works and this observation, this curiosity led him to work in the field of interior designing and then started his own business. Today, his multidisciplinary design company has extended its root everywhere in each sector whether it be residential, commercial, institutional, and retail. They provide everything starting from construction execution to furniture design.

 His company always followed the ‘man maximum’ principle where they try to know more about the perspective of the family, society, etc about how they want to design their home, office, etc about the likes and dislikes, about the personality they are, and then improvise the design with customers thoughts and their excellent ideas. He always focuses to embrace things with nature’s beauty. Their designs very simple, yet artistic.

 In the generation of the iPhone, tabs, and the internet, the interaction among the members of the family or society has been drastically reduced. Everyone is found busy and stuck in their problems. To tackle these problems and give them quality time, they aim to provide a design with a simple yet artistic look like blending modern architecture with a contemporary touch.

They mainly focus on building a healthy environment that helps people grow and improve their lifestyle by helping them find the beauty of the place. Now, apart from pushing their creative ideas into the unknown, they aim to capitalize on their experience and enter new fields like coworking space, work from home design, and provide a post-pandemic solution to existing infrastructure.

He always wanted to bring change to society. Each person, rich or poor, dreams of having a beautiful house. To build a house, a person invests his blood and sweat. Who doesn’t want it to be beautiful? A house where post toil of the day, he enjoys a stress-free environment and happiness and comfort. He helped people fulfill their dreams.

Architecture is much more beyond space planning and indeed a demanding profession. My first struggle was to get my first client as lack of confidence in public hinders us from being hired.

In these times one skill may not be adequate as many setbacks and tragedies. I encountered obstructed in the smooth running of my firm.

He considered every architect of his company as an idol as they helped people in making their place beautiful and full of liveliness.

 During his early days, he faced a lot of problems in getting his first client and getting a design that is unique and is liked by the customers. Architecture is not only about planning and designing it requires a lot more. Rishabh always had the skill of transforming any space into energy-efficient and more usable space. He started gaining confidence as customers liked his design. For about 18 months, he ran his firm at home. Slowly, he bought his own space which boosted him and made him as successful as he is at the moment. He keenly observed the real estate Trends, interacted with a lot of knowledgeable people, marketed his skills in the industry, and identified real leads which help him get good and genuine clients.

Architecture as a profession demands us to be updated with the latest developments and participation in relevant forums. This will help us enjoy our life too other than running our firms and life throws upon us many brainstorming problems encountering which we learn a lot. The reason behind his success is his taste in observation and designing. He focuses on everything be it simple tabletop ornamental furniture or commercial building. Apart from architecture, Rishabh is also a car enthusiast and is also connected to various like-minded people on internet forums. One should always be updated with the latest trends in the market especially with the people who are in the same profession. This will help in gaining experience. One should never lose confidence as clients can test you by asking for any questions related to the projects or unrelated. A simple principle in life and discipline in work is what one should never compromise with. Practicing anything by heart make it easy.

 Rishabh also won the most promising entrepreneur award, Delhi, 2015. He’s such a wonderful personality with an amalgamation of integrity and efficiency. His footprints are to be emulated wherein for a noble cause and a vision he is ready to battle even the most decisive circumstances. He left footprints that we ought to follow.


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