Revolutionizing Management Consulting, Technology Services, and People Transformation

Managing Partner & CEO, EDG Cornerstone, Joseph Dolphin- with the soon-to-be-launched, this winter, platform interface

EDG Cornerstone, a globally acclaimed leader in Management Consulting, Technology Services, and People Transformation, proudly introduces its revolutionary OMG (Organize, Manage, and Govern) framework. This groundbreaking initiative marks a pivotal moment in the landscape of business transformation, positioning EDG Cornerstone as an avant-garde force driving innovation, excellence, and positive impact across industries.

Setting a New Standard in Specialized Services for Global Impact

EDG Cornerstone stands as a trailblazer in specialized services, offering a comprehensive suite covering Strategy Consulting, CIO Advisory, Operations Advisory, Innovation, Improvement, Enterprise IT Implementation, and Support, along with extensive training programs. With a robust global presence in key strategic locations, including India, Malaysia, Singapore, North America, the UK, and the Middle East, the company strategically positions itself as a leader committed to shaping the future of business transformation on a global scale.

Guiding Principles for Sustainable Impact

At the core of EDG Cornerstone’s success are its core purpose, dedicated clientele, mission, and unwavering values. These elements collectively guide the organization in making a positive and sustainable impact on individuals, businesses, and academia. The commitment to delivering an “Experience-In-A-Classroom™,” “Deliver-To-Promise,” and “Go-With-You-To-Market” underscores the company’s unwavering dedication to excellence, integrity, and collaborative partnership.

Experience-In-A-Classroom™: Transformative Education for a Dynamic World

EDG Cornerstone redefines education with its “Experience-In-A-Classroom™” commitment, viewing learning as a transformative journey beyond traditional paradigms. This approach mirrors real-world experiences, offering immersive initiatives that empower individuals, businesses, and academia to bridge the gap between knowledge and application. The EDG Global Institute, the People Transformation engine, spearheads this effort with over 50+ programs delivered by practitioners from esteemed institutions. Attendees not only gain theoretical insights but also invaluable “How To” guidance, carrying ready-to-use tools, methods, and templates as key takeaways.

Deliver-To-Promise: Upholding Commitments with Unwavering Integrity

The core of EDG Cornerstone’s purpose lies in the unwavering commitment to “Deliver-To-Promise.” This principle reflects the organization’s dedication to honesty, integrity, and reliability. Trust forms the foundation of successful relationships, and EDG Global Business Services, the Implementation engine, seamlessly embodies this ethos by ensuring on-time and budgeted delivery with uncompromised quality. The company’s metric-driven approach ensures that promises are not mere words but commitments upheld through action, solidifying its position as a trusted partner for businesses globally.

Go-With-You-To-Market: Collaborative Success in a Complex World

“Go-With-You-To-Market” encapsulates EDG Cornerstone’s commitment to being more than just service providers. In a world where success hinges on navigating complex markets, the company stands shoulder-to-shoulder with its clients as partners. EDG offers guidance, expertise, and unwavering support throughout their journey, understanding that success is a joint effort. This is particularly evident in the ever-evolving IT industry, where EDG adeptly navigates global markets, articulates value propositions, and connects the dots in pre-sales and sales, serving as a guiding force for business acquisition teams.

Innovative Workplace Practices and Customer Contracts: Shaping a Brighter Tomorrow

EDG Cornerstone takes pride in progressive workplace practices, introducing a 4-day work week for all its employees—an initiative that sets it apart in the industry. This reflects the company’s commitment to fostering a healthy work-life balance and cultivating a positive workplace culture. Remarkably, the company incorporates a “Pay If You Like It” clause in customer contracts within the OMG engagement framework. This unique approach positions EDG as a trailblazer in shaping a brighter tomorrow for individuals, businesses, and academia within the Experience Economy.

Certifications and Industry Recognition: A Commitment to Excellence

EDG Cornerstone is a values-driven organization certified at CMMI Level 5, ISO 27001, and ISO 9001, integrating the highest professional standards in customer engagement. The company’s commitment to delivering excellence has garnered industry recognition, solidifying its position as a leading player in the ever-evolving business transformation landscape.

Mastering the Pricing of Experience in the Evolving Experience Economy

In the dynamic experience economy, EDG Cornerstone has mastered the pricing of experience. Customers pay for the economic value of experience—measured as time well spent or time well saved. Recognizing that IT is the single largest enabler of experience, EDG stands as a success story to watch in the evolving experience economy, showcasing its prowess in aligning with the transformative trends of the industry.

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