Elysium Abodes: Crafting Architectural Masterpieces and Unparalleled Luxury Homes

From testing uncharted waters to putting themselves on the map lies a family’s entrepreneurial journey in between. When asked about his earliest memory of wanting to pursue Design & Architecture, Mr Hemil took a walk down memory lane as he remarked,

“Recently, I attended a knowledge-share session held by a marble manufacturer, and I was quickly taken back to my childhood and my deep interest in finding out the inner workings of things. While we learnt about the different qualities of marble, their origins, and how to distinguish like an expert, I could not help but reminisce on what ignited the sparks of passion. My innate curiosity to go beyond design and visual delights to dissect what lies behind the extravagant façade is what got me here. Behind every brilliant creation lies the genius of technique and innovation and that’s exactly what I bring to my clients with Elysium Abodes. Our expertise in the field and the willingness to get down and get our hands dirty is the clay that goes into making every home a masterpiece.”

Picking up from his grandfather, Mr Hemil Parikh – a third-generation entrepreneur, carried forward the core values inherited by him and branched out from an analogous family business.

His passion for luxury homes and global travel led to the inception of Elysium Abodes – a Design & Build Company focusing on providing a uniquely world-class lifestyle to Indians, offering everything from the blueprint to handing over the keys to your dream home.

With this niche enterprise covering every aspect of home building, the next stop on the train of broadening horizons was The Home Project – an immaculate service-driven company conceived by Isha Parikh and Purvi Meghani whose forte lies in the upkeep and premium maintenance of luxury homes apart from offering exclusive concierge support. Since then, there truly has been no looking back.

Today, the Parikh Group is a name that is synonymous with perfection in every field of its expertise.

“A boy dreams of being what his father is. A man aspires to be what his father couldn’t.” It is with this core belief residing at the heart of all they do that Elysium Abodes aspires to be an architect of sheer happiness. Today, from mastering the art of envisioning your dream to constructing marvels that make it a reality, Elysium Abodes has truly come a long way in earning a rock-solid reputation in the world of real estate development.

Covering every facet of operations ranging from the identification of the plot right to the final handover upon timely execution, their 360-degree approach ensures that they are your only point-of-contact when it comes to anything luxury and homes. Having completed numerous projects with diverse requirements such as themed villas & luxury apartments with aesthetically personalized home interiors, their creations speak louder than words.

A home forms an integral part of a person’s identity and as the company brings people’s dream homes to life, it is giving society the luxury of choice and an opportunity to experience an elevated lifestyle like never before.

They specialize in catching the pulse of the client. They want your homes to reflect your personality, and that’s why they don’t limit themselves to a particular design language.

The company’s holistic approach provides a welcome respite from the conventional way of contracting where civil, MEP, painters, carpenters, POP, and gypsum contractors work in isolation on a project. With Elysium Abodes, you get all the services under a single roof which ensures zero hassle, timely coordination, diligent monitoring and cost control of a project. When working with an integrated Design & Build company which takes ownership of all the facets of home building, the struggle to manage different moving pieces almost becomes negligible.

The prime focus areas of the company are the development of luxury villas across India, which are usually second homes in exotic locations or primary homes for avid luxury seekers.

While the team has been working in major metropolitan cities, it is aiming to shift focus to Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities as their spending power is rapidly growing, alongside their growing aspirations. They plan to increasingly collaborate with furniture, lighting & home décor manufacturers glocally to provide unique and quality products to their homeowners.

While his curiosity and passion for architecture were always the founder’s companions from a young age, his very first venture in Waterproofing Systems & Restoration projects blessed him with the business acumen that was required to diversify into the business of Building & Designing. His travels all over the world also provided a glimpse into a luxury lifestyle that he was determined to bring to India.

What makes Hemil unique as an entrepreneur is his strength to execute projects in any part of the country because over the years he has built solid connections locally. His networking skills greatly help with planning a project based on the demographics of the region, material selection and sourcing.

According to him, sustainable architecture is the future and he likes to keep himself updated with the latest trends so that he can reduce waste and use renewable sources as materials whenever possible.

He believes that you should put, ‘understanding client’s vision’ right on top of the list of requirements because while bricks and cement can build a house, the essence of a homeowner that is reflected in the design and small details is what makes a home and gives it a soul.

His biggest learning has been that learning never stops. As the world is constantly evolving, so are people’s dreams and aspirations, which means that as an entrepreneur you have to change and adapt with them. You must match the pace of the world and that can only happen when you are open to exploring the road less traveled.

A simple message from this successful entrepreneur to all aspirants is that when designing please closely study the demographics of a region, functionality & maintenance of a property. Keep in mind that you are not just building a home in the present, you are creating the homeowner’s legacy that will last for generations.