Enhancing confidence in students by helping them fight out all inhibitions

From personality development trainer to owning a branch, this Edupreneur from Prayagraj is on a mission to mould young minds and help them regain self-confidence through knowledge and exposure.

Ms Shubhra Chaturvedi – Branch Owner, Ttrounce Education Pvt Ltd.

It all started in 2006, when this young lady joined Ttrounce Education as a Personality Development trainer and since then there wasn’t any looking back. The sincere, hardworking lady with varied interests in life climbed the ladder of success pretty fast thereby owning the Prayagraj branch of the same educational institute that is responsible in shaping up careers of many students who lacked confidence and have been fighting an inner battle with themselves.

Shubhra Chaturvedi identifies herself as an edupreneur who is passionate about modelling and writing. She is currently pursuing her PhD and has great oratory skills. Her institute is widely known for one of the best skill development institute in Prayagraj as well as in the entire state of Uttar Pradesh. Since last one and a half decade her institute has been training students to better their communication skills, art of presentation, control body languages and make them interview ready. Through regular workshops, group discussions and seminars, the students are continually motivated to achieve their dreams.

As a visionary entrepreneur, Shubhra rightly spotted the gap and came up with interactive, fun and knowledge oriented continuous learning sessions for months together with an extended membership. This helped students to get rid of all inhibitions that restricted them from expressing themselves at job interviews. The extensive sessions also helped them regain confidence and grow up as a smarter individual. As a plan of expansion, she would like to diversify and introduce more learning centric courses for overall development of the students. Interacting with the youths has always been fascinating and training them to the perfection has been all challenging. She admits that, “being around the young minds helps me to learn and grow perpetually and forces me to upgrade and keep myself at par with the changes all around so that I and my institute can continue to deliver the best.”

To Shubhra, family has been a major source of inspiration. Her parents and brother have always encouraged her to be an entrepreneur and supported unconditionally throughout her journey. Her upbringing has been strong enough to instil never-say-die attitude in her, even in tough times. She has been agile on keeping herself updated with the constant upgradation that happens in academics. The genesis of this venture roots back to Shubhra’s early days when she was a student herself. She observed that many of her batchmates faced problem while attending interviews and presentations. That’s what inspired her to come up with something that can help these students in all these areas and make them fit for the outside commercial and professional world where there is no scope for any weakness amongst the prevalent cut throat competition.

She has been a live example of a woman entrepreneur who is doing well in Prayagraj. Her sheer audacity to take risk and accept challenges have made her a strong team player. She has been rewarded by several forums and establishment for her work. She bagged National Education Leadership Award for Excellence in Teaching English, and International Education Award for Teaching Excellence. She has been recognised as ‘SHAAN-E-PRAYAG’ as an empowered woman, and received Women’s Excellence Achievement Award –GLAM ICON 2020. However, these awards and recognition doesn’t distract her and she is focused on her venture and has been performing at par excellence.

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