Faced With Criticism, The Budding Doctor Did Not Stop Going Ahead As He Wants To Eradicate The Issue From The Core

Imagine setting your focus on one profession and working day and night very hard from time immemorial to make that dream come true? When it comes to making one’s dream come true, becoming a doctor is one of the most widespread and popular fantasies that many want to accomplish.

However, only a few selected ones can achieve their dreams of serving the community. One of them is Dr. Rahul Banerjee who worked hard to attain his dream of serving the commonwealth with a resolute mind.

Dr. Rahul Banerjee is one of those very few who wanted to ensure the well-being of a person’s psychological as well as physical being because Dr. Banerjee knows the importance of having a sane mind.

“I always wanted to explore the human mind and body. It was always a precious dream of my family to become a healthcare professional”

It has been one year since he stepped into the office but the inspiration was seeded due to his cultural inheritance that looks forward to the service of many.

Being roped in a variety of programs during his medicine practice, he participated in the immunization program, women’s health and hygiene program, mother and child care program as well as the mental health campaign program.

Being able to notice from the front line about the challenges that rest while practicing medicine, Dr. Rahul Banerjee took the initiative to change the prejudiced mindset of the society with his scientific outlook.

What Inspired Him To Be A Doctor?

Being a Bengali, his first inspiration was drawn from the work of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Ray. The man who set the cornerstone for medicine, as well as a reformed society, created a looming impact on the mind of the budding doctor.

He followed his dream based on the ideals of Bidhan Chandra Ray as he continued to struggle with the cooperation that he faced with many of his patients.

He found that it was the thought process of the patient he had to reform before effectively checking up on their physical health. With a zeal to make India proud, he charged ahead with his curious mind and passion to rewrite the medical history.

The Challenges He Faced:

As a budding healthcare professional, he finds the complicated doctor-patient relationship the toughest part of the problem. His only desire is to be recognized through his dedication towards his profession and his patients.

Dr. Rahul Banerjee keeps going ahead in the journey full of stormy ends to meet the requirements of the victims so that they can see the golden dawn. When asked about whether he had any inspiring words for the budding doctors, he opined,

“Make your passion your profession”

Because only by following your heart, will you be able to conquer your demons.

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