From a teenager to a successful businessman , this youth’s journey is not just another rag to riches story. It infuses inspiration to one and all

The natural tendency of overlooking your mistakes is a common phenomenon. Most of you labor to achieve your targeted goals, but there is a rare instance when people work on themselves to live their dreams. It takes enormous courage to recognize your faults and make conscious efforts to witness improvements in your actions and words. Let us read on to know how a young man’s endeavor made him shine inside-out.

Mr. Gopal Patra strongly advocates that personal growth does not lie in acquiring success. The recipe for his success is all about introspection and drawing out the inner potential into the limelight.

He was only eighteen when he stepped foot into the world of medical equipment and healthcare facilities. Though he had an esteemed degree in Bachelors of Business administration and a Master’s in Business Administration degree, he felt he still has a long way to go. He was raw when he entered his family business Meditech Systems India, which was the brainchild of his father, Late Mr. Tapan Patra. He was humbled to follow his father’s footsteps and made earnest efforts to grasp the tricks of the trade. He never harbored the feeling of superiority or considered his father’s business setup as his passport to fame. He gives credit to his father for providing meaningful insights, defining business ethics, and developing healthy relationships with customers. He admits that true learning began when he ferried as a salesman from customer to customer. He struggled with his flaws and emphasized becoming proficient in his approach and developing interpersonal skills with his clients.

The industry’s core requirement is to have sufficient knowledge about the requirements of medical equipment, surgical instruments, and ventilators. He realized that without in-depth information of the industry, success will be short-lived. Thus, he searched for knowledge beyond books to fit into the profession. He submerged himself with determination to contribute to the business progress.  He envisioned taking Meditech System India to the next level by building a reputation through quality goods and services. His persistent efforts gave fruitful results and today Meditech System India happens to be Kolkata’s oldest manufacturer of medical equipment and hospital facilities. It is the nation’s largest supplier of hospital furniture, surgical instruments, operation theater equipment. After establishing a firm ground in India, he gave birth to Medivion, an expansion of Meditech System India. Besides covering the country by length and breadth, today Medivion is exporting high-quality medical equipment across the border.

“Most important factor that I found in this business is the enlarged platform which allows me to converse with medical professionals and boosts me to evolve myself to the current scenario and future research in the field of medical equipment. This healthcare field gave me the prospect of growth and sharing of knowledge which can benefit health worldwide through research and development of medical equipment”. says Mr. Gopal Patra.

Mr. Gopal Patra is unstoppable with the thrust of passion navigating him to formulate innovative products to enhance the healthcare sector. He wants to continue his journey in the field of medical equipment with further research and development. He is dedicated in his pursuit to serve the world with the best biomedical products and services to every corner of the globe. His endeavor has reaped fruits by receiving the award of Pride of Bharat 2021 for manufacturing the most innovative medical equipment and hospital furniture.

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