From CA to Interior Design: Here’s the Intriguing Story of Nidhi Warlyani

Founder of SS Design Studio, Nidhi Warlyani has had quite an intriguing career journey. As a high school student, Nidhi Warlyani aimed to become a Civil Engineer or Chartered Accountant & opted for the subjects accordingly. This was quite a practical decision for her in terms of her career, as her parents also wanted her to delve into this field.

While pursuing civil engineering or CA, Nidhi shifted to Nagpur for a short span, where she took sketching classes & instantly knew that she had found her calling. She realized her passion for art & designing, but her parents disagreed with it. Out of the blue moon, she had a quick conversation with her cousin, who pushed her to pursue what Nidhi Warlyani wanted, & that 5-minute conversation turned out to be a life-changing decision for her.

With utmost dedication this time, Nidhi Warlyani was set to convince her parents to let her pursue interior design & did so by pursuing her higher education in the field. In no time, Nidhi’s zest & enthusiasm for interior design pushed her to open doors to multiple fascinating opportunities as she started freelancing actively. Nidhi’s dedication & passion for interior design made it possible for her to build a strong career in the field & further begin her entrepreneurial journey with the birth of SS Design Studio in Raipur.

SS Design Studio was founded in 2017. It started in the Kanker district & has grown to provide its services to PAN Chhattisgarh. Their team of skilled professionals have experience in all kinds of design & work on commercial as well as residential projects. SS Design Studio steps on the stair to success every day, and the company is flourishing rapidly.

In Nidhi Warlyani’s opinion, a home is an individual’s or a family’s lifetime investment. Thus, there’s no room for making mistakes while building & designing a home. An Interior Designer plays a vital role in ensuring that you create a home where you can live happily, positively, and systematically. Interior designers help you from the bottom up & they prove to be a true blessing to society as they mold your visions into a home.

SS Design Studio specializes in both residential & commercial projects while aiming to deliver maintenance-free spaces. The company’s USP is that it strives to deliver clients with an evergreen design & they take the time to ensure that the space looks good as new for at least 10 years. The company tries to include materials that last long & ensures that everything used is classic so it doesn’t go out of trend.

Their future goals include working PAN India by offering their top-notch services & improving by the day. Nidhi Warlyani looks up to Twinkle Khanna & believes that Twinkle has inspired her throughout her professional journey.

One of the biggest challenges Nidhi Warlyani has faced in her entrepreneurial journey was overwork, major negotiations, and clients underestimating her potential. However, Nidhi overcame these challenges by leaving a mark of excellence with every project she completed & growing tremendously.

Nidhi is an individual who is interested in deep psychological learning of human beings; once she starts a conversation with clients, she aims to understand their psychology to identify the problems they face and come up with practical solutions. She also supports sustainable & green architecture and ensures that her company selects sustainable materials as much as possible.

She believes it is essential to understand the client’s psychology & requirements to put your knowledge & skills in the field to good use. According to Nidhi Warlyani, if you don’t understand the client accurately, you won’t be able to deliver the required services and satisfaction that the client expects from you. An essential skill that Nidhi has acquired from her profession is the art of patience. She believes it is vital to be patient with your clients & their needs.

As a tip to the aspirants in the industry, Nidhi Warlyani suggests that every individual should start whenever they feel like it. One shouldn’t wait for the right time or opportunity to come along & you should simply start with whatever you have. Be confident that your skill set will increase gradually if you keep moving forward & don’t run away from learning new things.


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