From Nothing To Everything, The Journey Of A Feminist Fighter, Ms Riddhi Jain, Will Inspire You As She Takes Charge Of Everything, Professionally And Personally

Being at the disadvantage for a long time, Ms Riddhi Jain knows how hard it is for those who are bearing the brunt of the society unjustly. From having everything to losing it all, Ms Jain knows the value of success. Slowly building her career from scratch, Ms Jain has taken the mantle as the sole bread earner in her household.

Hailing from the family of a businessman, Riddhi Jain completed her MBA in International Business in 2008. Being inspired by the atmosphere that she grew up with, Ms Jain, started working with Angel Broking as assistant branch manager between 2010 to 2013 after completing her master’s.

She gained the knowledge and skills she needed by working with top Broking houses of India in different posts. It not only gained her the proficiency that she needed to start her business but helped her develop the vehicle of her success. However, being roped in a scam that cost her almost everything, she had to take odd jobs to sustain her family in the trying times.

“The family was under great stress and I had to leave my job and come back to Bhilai to support the family.”

From running pillars to posts, her fate took her to multiple places until she got the opportunity she needed to finally shine. It has been said that bad times pass away. For Ms Jain, it took her the launch of small-time businesses to finally reach the stability she desired. From a small shop offering an edibles business with her Mother, an authorized vendor, she finally got to start her NGO, Madad Foundation, and expand its reach with nothing but her passion and skill via her enterprise, Jai Balaji Infocomm.

“Now our organization has a stable income and some projects.”

The encouragement that pushed her to initiate a business:

Though she had stable employment at the initiation of her career, the job wasn’t enough to satiate her hunger for acquiring knowledge and extending philanthropic activities.

“I wanted to spread and share the light of knowledge so that more families could be included for financial upliftment.”

Wanting to spread her knowledge with goodwill, she found a way to do so. She recognized that all she needs is a good idea without the decoration of fancy qualifications. With nothing but hard work and sheer will, she managed to get the encouragement she needed by being inspired by a mother who was in need.

“I found in the needy mothers, just that. The idea clicked and here I am. Though we have just touched our first milestone, we have miles to go.”

The inspiration behind her success:

Being faced with many difficulties as an entrepreneur, she found the stability and encouragement to continue to keep going on in the face of her mother. When asked about whom she considers her idol, she claims that it was her mother that helped her to keep going in the trying times. Drawing inspiration from her mother’s staunch will and fighter-like spirit, she got the zeal to continue to fight the problematic system.

“My mother has been my inspiration, throughout my journey. She is a fighter and can pull through all odds of life without losing hope.”

Claiming that it was her mother who kept supporting her through everything, she managed to finally achieve her dream as her efforts got recognized with many awards. Best Active Girl, Best Allrounder, Lions Club Award, Raktveer Foundation Award, Abhigyan (UNICEF) Corona Warrior Award, Human Rights of India, New Delhi- Corona Warrior Award are some of the accolades that dictate her willpower.

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