From Nothing To Gaining Everything, The Duo Managed To Climb The Corporate Ladder Through Sheer Passion And Will

What would you do if you faced hardship in a field which is less ventured? What would you do if you are new to a field where you have so many things to learn? What would you do in a situation that is tough and needs your utter attention and undying passion?

Giving up is not an option. That is what Vikas MV and Vishwas Venkat did when they met with hardship along their way to reach their dream. What dream? The dream to make the dreams of others come true. Through trials and error, they are where they are.

Through shedding their immense amount of passion into the field of architecture they not only succeeded in making a foothold in the industry through their Crest Architects but stands tall with the recognition they get through their articulation.

Awards like CWAB Awards for Top Architects in the Regional South Category (2020) and National Architecture and Interior Design Excellence Awards and Conference for Leading Architecture & Interior Design Firm of the Year 2020 stand witness for their contribution to the field. Be living that they can make the change that others are looking for in the constraint of four walls, they started their journey with an open heart and boundless imagination.

How The Enterprise Came To Be:

Both being in the same field of study, Ar. Vikas MV and Ar. Vishwas Venkat started his journey at MS Ramaiah Institute, Bangalore. As they shared the same view about the field of architecture and designs, the opportunity was created where both of them shared similar practical projects. Both of the architects, completing each other’s blind spot, soon realized how their talent and vision complemented each other.

Ar. Vishwas’s keen eye for details along with Ar. Vikas’s visualization skills helped them produce interesting works during their academic years.

Taking this cue from the projects, they understood that they can make a difference through their understanding.

By going ahead with their studies as well as making the demands of the clients come into realization, the foundation for Crest Architects was laid. Providing clients with a holistic approach to their designs which incorporates a wide range of ‘experimentation and exploration in architecture’, they continued to leave a mark in the architectural industry.

“The firm is a collaborative endeavor inspired by a design ideology that combines form and function coupled with an innovative approach with a quest for pristine architectural design to create site-responsive and contextually appropriate solutions”

By believing in their approach to making a change through learning the ever-changing formats of designing and technology, they tend to focus on making a break in the field with their innovative and unique design. The evolving technology and architectural method are warmly welcomed by the duo as they incorporate the essence of the ‘building topologies through their contribution.

“Ensuring that we create eco-sensitive and intriguing spaces, we intend to change the insensitive urbanscape”

The Challenges They Faced:

Starting at a young age with a lack of experience was always a negative point that caused them to face many challenges. However, they rose to the occasion with the help of their talent. Taking an approach where their imagination and the zeal to deliver in time by the client’s wishes was something that the duo succeeded in gaining. By making the people aware of the need for the inclusion of art and aesthetic appeal in the household or any building, they emerged victoriously.

“Making them understand the importance of design in all aspects of the project was an uphill task. Having said that we gained their confidence through our distinctive ideas and rational approach”

Now they provide the clients with effective architectural planning in a cost-effective way.

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