From Saving A Child To Saving Thousands, Mr. Maurya’s World Took A Turn For Securing Growth Of Others

From helping a child from the street to meet their family members on Haryana’s border, Vishal Maurya’s mind shifted from leading a corporate life to directing the life of a philanthropist. Starting his campaign in 2011, the Maurya Foundation, a zero fund foundation, seeks to carve a niche in the realm of humanitarian assistance by fulfilling the gap between the lack of initiation taken by authorities in question and the crippling helplessness of the children.

By providing the children with the existence that almost became non-existent, the organization’s concept came to be when Mr. Maurya helped a child reunite with his parents. By associating with multiple people, he found the lead after four years of research to reach the route of that child’s life. His foundation campaigns against missing children or people and child labor in India and support in favor of Education. Initiating several organizations socially, the platform seeks to achieve the place where those who lack a voice and power gain themselves.

“I also work for the protection of children’s rights, who are the victims of substance abuse and need emotional support with guidance with the help of NCIB and ChildLine-1098.

The essence of his foundation:

Currently administering many social campaigns in India and international waters, Mr. Maurya tries to extend his reach through the borders of the Philippines, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Canada, and more. Establishing his foundation into rehabilitating the children rescued from the path of self-destruction, he tends to create a haven for them, a place where they know they will be safe, a place which they can call home, a person on whom they can rely.

“Our campaign plays a very vital role in society. It helps in various ways, our non-profitable organization working for the people who reside in society.”

Their foundation laid the groundwork for spreading awareness among the society where the members can understand the inherent issue that lay in the occurrence of missing children taking place and the connection of it with them begging on the street. Educating society about the dangers of child trafficking and picking up on the pieces was one of the important roles they had to undertake. Not only that, they came up with a new way to conduct a healthy lifestyle for drug-addicted children.

“We helped the society with the spiritual refreshments as it teaches the students to be spiritual by doing meditation and sewa daily. This has helped many drug addicts and beggars in society to get rid of drugs.”

Their initiation to create a place where they can breathe without fear, where they can live a toxic-free life led to saving many children from going to a place that could have seized them from existing.

The encouragement that helped him rise to the occasion:

The exceptionally influential nature of his father was the reason why he believed that the world needs a bit of a humanistic approach. Engraving his father’s ideals as his own, Mr. Maurya started walking the path of a socialist with everything he had. With the encouragement that he received from his parents and the atmosphere where portability and love for individuality prospers, he grew up to establish peace. He believed in his vision and worked hard to achieve a place where children are free.

“I dreamed of starting a movement where all children are free, safe, healthy, and educated.”

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