Heading: Atticarch: Transforming Spaces, Building Client Relationships, and Setting Industry Standards

Kamlesh Kumar Bhargava is the owner of Atticarch (, a successful interior design company based in Bangalore. He is a professionally qualified architect, having completed a 5-year Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) degree from B.M.S College of Engineering.

During his studies, Bhargava gained practical experience by working with a few companies outside of college hours. This early exposure to the industry motivated him to establish Atticarch in 2002, just a year after completing his degree. Initially, the company focused on turnkey architectural projects, but Bhargava soon recognized the strong demand for interior design and decided to shift the company’s focus exclusively to interiors.

Interior design presented more challenges and brought greater satisfaction to Bhargava and his team. Their day-to-day responsibilities involve managing projects from design to execution, with a team consisting of over 20 architects, site engineers, and a labor force of more than 150 carpenters, plasterers, electricians, plumbers, and others.

Atticarch has built a strong reputation in the last two decades and has become one of the leading interior service providers in Bangalore. The company’s unique selling point (USP) lies in providing customized end-to-end interior solutions under one roof. When clients visit the office, they don’t need to go anywhere else for material selections or contact third parties for their requirements. Atticarch offers all the services and materials under one roof, with a single point of contact, which contributes to the timely delivery of projects.

Bhargava and his team have prioritized quality, maintaining timelines, and offering excellent after-sales service, following traditional methods to establish Atticarch’s success. They are also exploring avenues for developing modular infrastructure to support more clients in the future. Additionally, they are considering establishing a centralized material delivery center where a majority of interior-related materials will be available over the counter.

Atticarch started as a turnkey service provider for architectural projects in 2002. During the first five years, the team accomplished a significant number of architectural projects. However, for the past 12+ years, they have primarily focused on interiors and have completed hundreds of projects across Bangalore.

From a small team of three employees, Atticarch has grown to a team of over 20 interior designers. The execution team has also expanded from 20 to over 150 members in recent years. Bhargava emphasizes the need for designers to stay updated about new materials and products entering the market, as the industry is constantly evolving with changing trends.

Client satisfaction has been a key aspect of Atticarch’s success since its inception. In the early years, the company relied on satisfied clients as their primary marketing tool. Bhargava takes pride in the fact that 40-50% of their clientele consists of repeat customers or referrals. The company values after-sales service and offers perks to clients throughout the year to maintain long-term relationships.

To aspiring architects and designers, Bhargava advises hard work, consistency, and continuous learning. He emphasizes the importance of acquiring industry knowledge, technical expertise, and developing strong client relations for long-term professional growth.

The most rewarding aspect for the team at Atticarch is receiving client testimonials, as they feel their efforts have made a positive impact on clients’ lives. Hearing clients express their satisfaction and appreciation is a dream come true for the team.