His interest in designing and a sound understanding of the market led him to be an entrepreneur and constantly drives him

At a tender age, Mr. Manas Barua lost his father. It had impacted him significantly. Despite that, through his will to succeed, he fathered and its establishment and is today providing livelihood to his employees. In and around a decade, at present, his turnover has grown tri-fold his starting capital. Today his turnover is around 35lacs.

Mr. Barua, a 44-year old businessman, is a resident of Delhi and has received his education in prestigious universities in India and abroad. He gained his experience of over 15 years in practicing design and gaining excellent knowledge in Graphic design, Visual Merchandising, Space Design, and Print and photography. He started his business in 2010 under the brand name designers. Manas specializing in a variety of his hospitality project including hotels, restaurants, cafes, boutiques, interior spaces, etc. The name of the website is Though the efforts and the idea has been a decade old, the establishment is constantly renovated with his innovative additives and has a range of design, periods, and style. Further, the experience when incorporated in the pursuit makes his endeavors stand out.

He made the partnership with penitcreatives which got a good response and provided a distinct character and personality to each project. As a mixed establishment, a wide range of interior consultancy services from conceptualization to execution where the form of design is well taken care of with balance and rhythm.


The business is creative and requires constant design intervention. The company has two active partners, Manas Barua, and Megha Garg, and Priyanka Khattar as a design consultant. It seeks to create more and more sustainable spaces albeit incorporating the element of affordability. Apart from the consultancy firm it also provides turnkey solutions. They also design intervention with craft and contemporary design and they are also capable of working with waste materials. They also believe in reduce, reuse and recycle which is also eco-friendly.


The project has been named day-night indicating that it operates day and night and as a single space with neat and clean lines with quirky interiors having teal green and yellow color reflecting energy and happiness. The design was in an open space with a mini buffet and various color combinations which creates a mesmerizing vibe for the audience and gets them a feeling of “HOME AWAY FROM HOME”.You can have a dining experience in the open sky with fairy lights and hanging creepers with grass floors with various beverages, fast food, and the aroma of coffee.

The main focus of the project was to design a linear light fixture that created a sense of eye movement in the “well-illuminated space” hence bringing a sense of brightness and uplifting the moods of the viewers.

The corona crisis has brought along a tremendous shock to the world and has impacted almost every nuke and corner of the world ranging from politics to economy, it has left behind an indelible mark. The project was no doubt adversely affected. However, it emerged as a savior for the struggling youth who were in much need of munch during midnight to sustain themselves in horrifying hours. Also, people have been quite anxious and pessimistic in this gruesome scene, Mr. Barua has paused to come up with amendments conducive to his growth in an unprecedented manner. He, at present analyzing his weakness and vulnerabilities, seeks to overcome the shortcomings. He got inspired by Joe Scog, who specialized in light design.

He not only believed in providing the most expensive materials but in fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of the customer and this brought a difference between them and other companies and let designers. manas performs as an efficient effective and accurate investment.

Thus, Mr. Barua through his abilities to understand the subtle aspects of design and business strategies has constantly pushed himself I had with visionary zeal. The striking characteristics of his trait are his will to have inclusive growth considering his employees too. He endeavors to motivate them and keep them and unified, which shows his robust belief in synchronized efforts and their soaring results. He has thus, through his efforts proved himself a worthy entrepreneur. He knows how to get the best out of his employees. His quality education and optimistic vision coupled with missionary zeal have multiplied the results of his pursuit and would eventually make him achieve soaring heights.

He mentioned that for him Entrepreneurship is not only experiencing new ventures but also includes leadership, communication, his ability to learn and find new opportunities and made him more creative and innovative with the ideas.

His research paper “MOVING WALKAWAYS” co-authored with Priyanka Khattar, Assistant professor at Pearl Academy, New Delhi was presented at the 21st Design management institute conference: Next wave, London in August 2018. It was awarded the best research in 2019 from pearl academy.

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