How Fulfilling Dream Made Him Lose Job To Become an Entrepreneur

Mr. Amittava Chakraborty- Founder, Rajmudra Residentials

After being a professional in the corporate field for 20 years along with an IT background, his career is exemplified by many. For a successful career like his, most of our youth is running behind.

But, no matter his position in life, he was not satisfied. But having the experience of 20 years in this field came as a beneficiary. He then realized the gap between people and the market for the MIG housing segment. Seeing people, thriving for a proper, budget-friendly residential complex or rather accomplishing their dreams, was his cue.

He very much wanted to be there, helping people find their dream house along with all of their luxury requirements but within their budget. Needless to say, this type of business is hectic and has many uncertainties.

Business Scale-up

Keeping all the uncertainties aside, he finally decided to launch his first-ever project in the “ BUDGET LUXURY HOUSING category” in Jan 2020. It is mostly for people living in Siliguri and surrounding. And to his utmost surprise, the response was huge. As 80% of his first project got pre-booked in the initial days of nationwide lockdown.

As he explains, this huge hit was due to customers who wanted to have a proper residence in an elite society full of amenities and a great environment and got their first chance to own one. His project has given them a chance to have the luxury amenities in utility designed flats within their budgets.

According to him- “To serve the  MIG segment, I thought of launching my own brand with residential projects where they can have a good living within budget”.


He can not be thankful enough to his family % friends for supporting him in this tough time. As nobody would understand his situation, he did not think of getting this huge admiration from his family, especially his wife & daughter. For his project, and the upcoming ones;

My project will have all basic amenities, utility designed flats to give more space along with luxury amenities like GYM, ROOFTOP GARDEN, CCTV Coverage, PARTY ZONE, etc…Of course within budget.

Even though he is a newbie to this field of entrepreneurship, he is quite confident in what he has to offer. Being a part of the real estate market for several years, he could easily judge the market demand and his clients’ probably needs.

Hurdles That Came In His Way

Money is a differentiator, and he too was in fear of how to fund his start-up, but luckily, one of his colleagues has decided to lift him up in the initial stage, for which he is forever grateful. For his upcoming days in this business, he believes- “My honesty and Integrity have played a pivotal role in making… I am always loyal to my customers.” His brand has recently been certified by Govt. Of India for commitment towards customers.

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