Imparting Spiritual Healing and thereby solving people’s problem successfully through her Instagram page

Kashika Rakhiani – Founder, @healyourlifewthkash

In the winters of 2019, Kashika Rakhiani, started her solo venture through her Instagram page with zero investment. Being an entrepreneur and stay independent has always been on the top of her mind, as a result she didn’t hesitate to take the entrepreneurial jump at the age of 26 when she found the situations favourable. At this young age, when most of the youngsters remain focussed with their next career move, Kashika tried her luck in entrepreneurship.

Since her childhood, there was a spiritual inclination and she wanted to capitalise the same when she grew up. She fondly remembers,

“I got my first tarot cards when I was not even 10 years old. I learnt Vastu when I was just 18 years old. Since then these fields have been attracting me a lot!!”

She was a school teacher, but realised that this is the time to nurture her passion and pursue it as a service to mankind. That’s when she started her Instagram page for tarot readings. Over the past couple of years, the page has grown and her knowledge and skills for healing people too have sharpened.

Tarot reading has always been her forte. Listening to the problems of people and providing healing solutions to them is always a satisfactory job which Kashika has been successfully doing all this while. Spiritual healing helps to get rid of all problems, it’s more like a nip in the bud. She has experienced it all, people with money problem, relationship issues, career concerns and health complexities have always gained from her services. Her counselling has also helped many distressed soul to stay positive during the COVID19 pandemic situation.

Specializing in Tarot reading, Akashic Readings and spiritual healings, Kashika does what she loves the most. And seeing her clients attain satisfaction further encourages her to continue what she is doing. She says,

“This world is a complex place and I believe everyone is undergoing some or the other thing these days, and they need help. Even doctors now-a-days say to get healings done.”

So as a business vertical this line of work has future and she wants to continue with perfection. However, like every business, Kashika too has some challenges. The fact that every amateur teenagers are into tarot reading these days, is cluttering the market place, and on top of that their Google learned skills are basically of no use and clients end up getting duped by them. As a result, this has created a huge mistrust among people. So, making clients trust you has become an uphill task.

Intuition is a God gifted thing and not everybody possesses it. Intuitive connection needs to be build up slowly over a period of time. Kashika’s intuition and honesty is her USP. To her, happiness in solving issues of people is a pure bliss and fetches a lot of blessings, while money will always be there, these good wishes and blessings are something that keeps are going. Having been awarded 7 times as ‘Best Tarot Reader & Spiritual Healer’, Kashika feels proud of her profession that shows light in the darkness of people’s life. Before signing off, we wish her all the luck in the coming days.

Instagram handle- @healyourlifewthkash

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