Initiation Taken By Mr. Nadeem Changed The Way Agriculture Has Been Conducted In India

Where would we be if the farmers didn’t do their tasks? Where would India be without the sole reason for our living? The farmers are an essential part of our society as it is because of them that we are living, laughing, and breathing. It becomes a duty for a responsible citizen within those parameters to help them in any way they can because, without them, we will cease to exist.

Believing in the same, A Syed Nadeem, the agriculturalist, initiated his agriculture solution, named Shaaz Agriculture Solutions, in 2013 to help the farmers in every way possible. Starting his business with nothing but 25000, now reaching the turnover of to 20,00,000, the main reason he initiated the organization is the betterment of society.

His philanthropic outlook about society and the fact that he holds power and knowledge, even the required skill to help those in need, prompted him to take up an entrepreneur’s journey in the agriculture market.

“I took up an important decision to quit the company and start something on my own, which would benefit my country and my people.”

He learned all the problems that farmers face. Not only their financial crisis but the issues related to the infrastructure of agriculture, like the issues of lack of electricity supply, pricing, lack of storage and transport medium, prompted him to take a four year of learning about agriculture so that he can take up the role of providing them with the solution that was needed in the society.

“We try to understand the real needs of the farmer and design an infrastructure that would be best suited for getting the best revenue and that which would be a feasible one depending on the soil, water, and region.”

What his business is all about:

The gap that lay between the lack of infrastructure in the agriculture industry and the lack of initiation taken by various suppliers and organizations to fulfill their role was maintained by the agricultural solution provided by Mr. Nadeem.

There was an immediate need to install technical assistance, a management system, hasty supplying of the elements, and effective transport modes in the agricultural industry. Apart from that, the need to set an economical way to induce profit was important too. However, the failure to comply with those requirements took the industry nowhere. That is where Shaaz Agriculture Solutions fits in.

“At Shaaz Agriculture Solutions, we give the best solutions for Polyhouse, Glasshouse, Shade Net House, Hydroponics, Trellises (Pandal system) – to grow creeper varieties, Drying chambers, Climate Control Systems, and irrigation-fertigation systems.”

By understanding the farmers and the farming industry’s needs, he tried to fulfill each gap effectively. The customized solution enhances the affectability of the realm of agriculture and enhances the quality of the produce. This thought process earned him Best Entrepreneur Award 2019, SYPA Chennai, and a nomination in Top 10 Agri Consultants in India in 2020.

The inspiration behind the entrepreneurship:

No story could initiate without the nudge in the right direction or the spark of hope that would help one ignite the passion in mind. The story of A Syed Nadeem is no different as he got the inspiration from the struggles of the farmer to initiate his own organization.

“I consider farmers to be my inspiration as, without them, we would not be living.”

Taking inspiration from their struggle, he decided to close the gap by fulfilling them with solutions to each issue.

“This is the best I can give in return to our farmers.”

Though facing many struggles to land the right client who would accept his help or invest in his project created a roadblock, by convincing them with his idea, by telling them how he envisaged the reality to turn the world around, he utilized the opportunity that he was given beautifully. Now collaborating with many entrepreneurs who back up his concept and the essence that his organization encapsulates, he has found his desired foothold in the agriculture industry.

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