Just Education provides an unconventional mode of education

Just Education came into existence in 2019 with the vision of its owner Sapana Shah to inspire young minds. Sapana Shah was 44 years old when she started her business Just Education proving in fact age is just a number and it is never too late to follow your passion.

Sapana Shah has been in the teaching profession for over 15 years and has taught students not only in India but in foreign countries like Singapore and Dubai too. Her father taught her not only to dream big but to make them a reality by working hard. It was her father’s inspiration combined with her passion to help every child reach their full potential that made her take the leap to become an entrepreneur while leaving her well paid job.

Just Education provides an unconventional mode of education which aims to cater different learning needs of students by making the learning fun and enjoyable for them. The positive learning environment of this company creates a harmony between our students, teachers and parents. Just Education’s aim is to reach more and more people to help as many students as possible to become the best they can be.

With her long teaching experience she had a chance to know childrens well. She found that it is important to understand the mindset and thought process of childrens to make way to their heart.

She felt that there was a need to create an interactive environment where students can learn and grow, but not a single educational institute was offering the same. This led to her shaping up Just Education to revolutionise teaching methods and help shape a better future for children across the globe.

Sapana Shah founded Just Education with proper planning and consideration to help pass on quality education to every student. All of this is possible with their hard work and consistency.

She recalls her biggest struggle she faced other than investing a hefty capital while starting her business was the long hours that she had to invest at first. Not only she struggled with long working hours and shorter holidays but to top it all she had to listen to people criticising her for leaving her well paid job for uncertainty.

It was her fervour to create an interactive environment for children to learn, backed with well qualified staff and their unique way of teaching is what helped Just Education to bloom. Within a few months of starting just Education established itself and set new standards in the educational world full of competitors.

All she needed to start her journey as an entrepreneur was her laptop, internet connection, a good team of teachers and of course a great support system to have her back.

Sapana Shah credits her long career in the field of teaching on a global level to having a better understanding about the education system. Her understanding of different educational systems helped her come up with a system which combines all the positives and offers the maximum benefits to students. Her two kids also played an important part in helping her have a deeper knowledge about children’s behaviour, attitude and other characteristics.

For any aspiring entrepreneur, her advice is to never give up hope. Working long hours might seem difficult at first but you have to trust the process. Doing hard work is the key to success and if you are passionate about something, you will be able to achieve what you are working towards.

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