Leading the Way: The Success Story of Swan Dewatering Systems

Mr. Karthick Sivaram, a commerce graduate with an MBA in Psychology, defied the traditional career trajectory to pursue his passion in the construction industry, specifically dewatering. Rising through the ranks in various organizations, he amassed expertise and confidence, leading him to establish Swan Dewatering Systems in 2018. With a team of 75 employees, he’s dedicated to transforming challenges into opportunities with his precision and client-centric approach.

Business Definition and Impact:

Inception Year: 2018

Present Status: Overseeing more than 15 projects currently.

Market/Societal Impact: Swan Dewatering Systems ensures no project closes without their consultation, showcasing expertise in the dewatering industry. They solve groundwater seepage issues in basement construction, enabling various activities like raft, RCC, and waterproofing, impacting the construction sector positively.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Swan Dewatering Systems thrives on their ability to convert complexities into successes, prioritizing client needs and requirements.

Future Prospects: With a vision to expand nationwide, the company aims to widen its footprint across India.

Entrepreneurial Journey and Struggles:

Mr. Karthick’s journey was fueled by the support of friends and family. Facing initial challenges in gaining client trust and acceptance, he learned to persevere with unwavering confidence and the backing of loved ones. His discerning nature and specific vision contributed significantly to his professional success.

Essentials and Unique Traits:

Trustworthy employees were pivotal in starting and sustaining the business. Mr. Karthick’s unique personality traits, like his precision and client-centric approach, have been instrumental in his entrepreneurial journey.

Learnings and Advice:

His entrepreneurial voyage taught him the virtues of honesty, dedication, and commitment. His advice to budding entrepreneurs is to dream big and stay true to their aspirations.


Swan Dewatering Systems has been recognized with several awards, including the Small Business Awards in Chennai-2022, Excellence Iconic Awards in Bengaluru-2023, and Pioneers of Dewatering Services India in Bengaluru-2024.

Mr. Karthick Sivaram’s journey epitomizes the spirit of resilience, innovation, and dedication, underscoring Swan Dewatering Systems’ remarkable success in the construction industry.