Mrs. Darshan Turned The Full Stop In Her Career Into A Comma By Becoming A Chocolatier/Entrepreneur As She Keeps Rising To The Occasion

With the will to be able to create a place for her, with the will to create her identity, with the will to sustain herself as an independent and established woman, one woman starts furnishing her dream. This common dream of creating their name that every housewife has, who gives upon themselves for the sake of others was shared by Mrs. Diviya Darshan too.

However, very few can make a change when it comes to taking charge of their career. After pursuing her engineering degree from a reputable college, she joined the IT sector for some time. After getting married and becoming a beautiful mother, she left her job for the sake of her children. To take care of her children, she adapted to the role of a homemaker.

But inspiration struck her as the passion she had to make chocolate for her children motivated her to become a professional chocolatier. With the encouragement she received from her personal critics, her children, she thought she could take her passion to turn into her profession.

After conceptualizing her entrepreneurial standing, she started her home-based business, DD Chocolates, by taking the role of a professional chocolatier.

“My kid encouraged me a lot to discover myself again.  I started as a home-based business so that I can manage my work equally”

By managing household work with her professional work, she started exploring many ideas that would eventually lead her to success.

The essence of DD Chocolates:

Wanting to create her own identity, wanting to create her standing in the entrepreneurial world, she chose to represent her passion for making chocolates on the market. By honing her skills of modifying the taste of chocolates, giving it her touch, by making sure that it represents her vision, she became the chocolatier that she thought she would. Her dream of establishing a space for herself culminated into DD Chocolates which is being transported to many larger marketplaces.

“I believe in the power of vision and being persistent. I had the vision to make it big and wish to stay true to it. In spite of facing so many hurdles, I was determined to run this business because I had the vision even before my company started.”

The supply of the chocolates, be it custom-made suitable for certain occasions or retailers, activated her role of the chocolatier in the competitive market. The small-scale chocolate business bears her individuality now. Her uniqueness and authentication can be found in her chocolates as her chocolate bears nothing but organic compounds, no preservatives making the whole aspect of the presentation more healthy and tasty.

The struggle she faced:

As a woman entrepreneur, managing household chores and work was something that was an obstacle. Finding the right balance so that both activities can be managed was one of the issues she had to face first.

“As women need to balance both families as well as a business it’s a great challenge. Women should believe in herself first as she can face the world without fear. Believe in yourself miracles do happen.”

However, by believing in herself, putting all her faith in her dreams, she continued to walk. With the encouragement that she received from her family members, including her kid and husband, she found the strength she needed to keep going.

Advice to young entrepreneurs:

Believing in the power of dreams and how dedication can help one to formulate them into reality, she provides the only piece of advice to young entrepreneurs.

“DREAM starts believing in yourself, you can do it. Think Positive”

By being inspired by APJ Abdul Kalam’s quote “DREAM DREAM, DREAM. Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts result in action”, she culminated her dream of creating her identity by working hard.

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