Providing Class & Comfort experience in bathroom through comprehensive range of Sanitaryware

Prakash Choudhary & Raju Choudhary – Co-Founders, Krishna Home Studio, Bangalore

As the way of living is changing, people are transforming their need of regular home ambience to a theme-based concept. Whether it is office or home, the comfort and class bring a different way of productivity to humans’ day to day routine. They seek for a comfort zone in every space they use, whether it is kitchen, hall or bathroom. Krishna Home Studio (KHS) offers a comprehensive portfolio of products in sanitaryware division ranging from faucets, wellness, high end showers, steam cubicles, vanity, kitchen sink, water heater, fancy & stylish sensor touch mirrors, accessories & more. KHS gives a spa like experience in the bathroom. It aims to bring in a combination of A Class & Comfort experience in bathroom.

In 2021, KHS was setup by Prakash Choudhary and Raju Choudhary in order to address the growing demand of sanitaryware in the market. They realised that the interior design business is developing rapidly in the Indian markets, more so, the aggressive growth can be seen in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Ahmedabad. As a result they chose the fastest growing city of Bangalore to start with. With a vision to be India’s most trusted retail brand for complete home décor products, KHS is focused in providing quality, comfort, latest designs, competitive price or the finest brands from across the world to their customers. They take pride in providing class in everything they do. According to Prakash,

“we received compliments from multiple customers in past one year stating they found more options to choose or we can call it as Variety in Selection here at KHS. So, this motivated us to focus more on same lines and continue to serve clients on same regards.”

KHS’ Prakash is a serial entrepreneur with several start-ups to his credit. He started his entrepreneurial journey at a very young age. It was his true calling to be a self-motivated and value-driven entrepreneur. He has been a strategic thinker with a positive outlook and a clear focus to add value to the start-up ecosystem. He is an ambitious individual with astute business acumen and has been very successful in bringing forth great initiatives. He is an excellent communicator, mentor, and motivational speaker, and has been on multiple panels and education boards. He has initiated several collaborative events with reputed organizations, forums and government bodies.

Operating with an USP of providing a gamut of products under one roof with variety in selection, KHS has fast grown to be customers’ preferred stop. Prakash believes that today human emotions are closely connected in building their dream home which brings a theme-based design in to the picture. A theme can be for their kitchen, hall or bathroom, for which they opt for their interior designer to make their space more useful, comfort, stylish and theme based. Themes like Mediterranean style, the European style or the Ethnic Indian style of design are more in use. This brings an opportunity for KHS to expand in multiple domains. Thus, they started with a division of premium sanitaryware products and going forward will expand it in tiles, lightings, hardware, home appliance & surfaces segment. Where the focus will be to offer the complete range of home décor under one banner.

It was in 2018, when Prakash was building his own house. He wanted the home to be equipped with new designs and concepts, but due to a contract we had to limit his thoughts on options of products, and had to choose what interior designer had to offer us. This got him thinking to get in to this business where he could serve clients with all of it under one umbrella with multiple options. Because dream home is built once in a lifetime. Prakash considers his father as the inspiration and encouragement to go on with the business.

He feels that hurdles are a part of an entrepreneur’s journey. From a door to door selling to a 2-crore business annually, has been a roller coaster ride. Today, KHS is the fastest growing showroom in sanitaryware domain. After launching multiple companies, they realized to stick to one and make that feed the multiple/sister companies.   

Featured in Silicon India Magazine of January 2023 edition, this entrepreneur feels that best way to design a home or bathroom is to give the customers the right choice of selection and space. Understanding and analysing the customer the moment they walk-in, is a vital part of business selling process. Giving the best of quality, class products and unmatched service post-purchase has been KHS’ forte, which they vow to continue doing so.