See How A Passionate Mind At Work Can Bring Change By Being The Change In The Architectural Field

Dreams are nothing but a form of art that waits for its turn to take into a realization. The concept of making one’s dream come true is something that motivates us to work harder, influences us to dream big. Similarly, it was the dream of Ashish Chowdhary, the director of BEYOND S.P.A.C.E to turn the dreams into a concrete realization.

The objective of artists is to put their all into modeling the thought process behind the artistic expression. Keeping this doctrine in mind, that he needs to make the most of the talent he has given, Mr. Chowdhary sets his path at a very young age of 24 to make the dreams of others come true. How?

Well, his sheer talent and ability to shape the concept of the clients into a living space was brought to life by the enterprise he initiated. Mr. Chowdhary started his business when he was 24 and almost fifteen years later, when he looks back to the time of his initiation process, he recollects his zeal and enthusiasm for art and engineering.

Bringing the best of both worlds, he encapsulates his concept around the mode of architecture as he gets enrolled in the architecture school to study the phenomena of creation.

The Road So Far:

At a very early age, Mr. Chowdhary knew what he had to take to make his dream come true. Having a keen eye for arts and crafts and the skill to sketch, he took up the non-medical stream of sciences as he thought ‘architecture’ was the best way to encapsulate both the cultural aspect into the mode of creation.

Hailing from a prominent family where filmmaking enterprise was thriving in the background, Mr. Chowdhary knew the value the artistic expression held. He tried to incorporate the essence of culture into the mode of creation, that is engineering, by focusing on the aesthetic appeal.

By enrolling in one of the most prominent architectural schools in India, he continued to gain the trust of many around him. Honing his skill under some renowned professors, getting to know what lies ahead on the road by their professional encounters helped him shape his vision.

The knowledge and skills he required to get ahead of the game helped him mold his path in which he can venture. He understood the need to go beyond the boundary of conventionalities as he continued to charge ahead.

What Motivates Him To Keep Going?

The concept of giving the concept of a client with a form was the implication that he strived to accomplish.

“The journey of a project from drawing board to actual execution and completion drove me immensely to pursue the profession, as to see something one has designed and perceived taking physical form is nothing less than a feeling a mother has after giving birth to her child”

Having engineering drawing as his 5th subject, Mr. Chowdhary soaked all the ‘intricacies and nuances of 3-D drawings and perspectives’.

“This further encouraged me to become an architect as one of the most important qualities of a good architect is to visualize and perceive in 3D.”

How Does His Business Shape The World?

Being influenced by his professors and the opportunity to get all the knowledge irrespective of time and age helped him to shape a business prospect that seeks to build spaces for those at large.

Be it the culmination of fused layouts intermingled with cultural aspects and contemporary design helped him to lay designs suited for professional as well as personal spaces. The take of modernity that his work took won him the most sought after awards “Best Contemporary Interior Designers In Delhi”.

His passion to fare well in the field of architecture can motivate other aspiring interior designers as his words will keep ringing, bringing the essence in the mind of the young minds

“one never stops learning”

So, learn, transform, and execute.

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