See How A Woman Breaks The Stereotype To Become One Of The Trendsetters In The Interior Designing Realm

Breaking all the stereotypes, breaking all the conventions set by the patriarchal society, one woman set to make a change in the world of interior designing. Ms.Deepa Devarajan started shaping her path by going against the conventional rules set by society. How did she do that? She did it by not letting her dreams die.

By letting her wings flutter out in the open, she took a fly in the vast unknown by establishing Purple Dreams in 2006. What is her dream then? Her dream is meeting the expectation of her clients, her dream is to make the dreams of the clients come true by utilizing her imagination and creative articulation in the process.

Using her passion as one of the swords, she charged ahead to forge a secure path. A journey that she started to walk on in the early 20s by leaving her well paid and the well-secured job has garnered her AIAC Best Women Entrepreneur Award and Best Designed Stall Award.

Her work is the phenomena that stand for her ideology, her work is the manifestation through which she wants her soul to reflect. Her work has created a space for many enterprises to shine in the rather plaid world.

The Struggles She Faced

Knowing full well how predominantly the realm of interior designing is run by men, she had one of the most common issues that most women face. Though she did not let this lack of space to flutter her wings to mortify her.

She did not let the situation put a limitation on her talent as she kept working hard by letting her imagination run wild. By letting her creative mind soak up all the inspiration from the corner of the world, by letting her mind incorporate the aesthetics into a realization, she understood her space and role in the world.

“The construction industry is predominantly driven by males. Initially ( I ) had to go through lots of ups and downs due to this limitation from the way you carry yourself to putting your thoughts & ideas without being generalized.”

Having the support of her parents, she knew what she had to do to accomplish her dream. She took advantage of the social freedom she was given to let her imaginative and creative mind run wild so that she can summon creativeness through her designs.

Words Of Advice To Young Minds

Knowing the significance of meeting the client’s expectation, one has to garner all the inspiration they can from all walks of life. Inspiration can be stuck while doing anything, it can be stuck while engaging in even a conversation. Understanding the need to stand in this business where males rule, she stresses amalgamating their creativity with freedom and eccentricity.

“Follow your passion and never give up on your dreams.”

So keep working on your dream, no matter how hard it gets, you will get there.

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