See How The Terrific Trio Achieves To Rule The Corporate Realm Of Consultancy Services With Their Impeccable Assistance And Unique Socialistic Initiation

Syed Jaffer Hussain ( Managing Director )

Consultancy is always needed to increase the potency of any action. Consultancy is that piece of the element in a task that can make a task from going wrong to going right. No matter how small the guidance is, the significance of the advice never goes down. Understanding the importance of consultancy, SYED HYDER HUSSAIN JAFFERY along with SYED JAFFER HUSSAIN acting as a director of the enterprise, and SYED ALI JAFFERY as a CEO has created a space where important pieces of advice are given to those who need it.

The enterprise, A.J. Overseas Consultants, tends to provide a solution to the potential students who are seeking to study abroad. The solution that they provide generally focuses on providing them with consultancy on the procedure of migration and doing the paperwork so that the task can be done without any hurdles. Mr. SYED JAFFER HUSSAIN initiated his career in his teen years. Being good at studies and acquiring first class during his graduation, Mr. Husain launched himself in the corporate field with a depth of knowledge and experience.

Having gathered the experience of all those years he used to work in his teen years, finally at the age of 22, he decided to utilize those skills. How? By becoming an entrepreneur. His entrepreneurial debut has a socialistic approach as it not only helps the student reach their full potential by tapping the right sources but ensures that they can get access to the place without fail. Facing the issue of unemployment himself, he took the road to entrepreneurship.

“I started my first business several years out of my teen years, at the age of 22. I became an entrepreneur for one reason: I couldn’t find a job anywhere.”

The great references he had and the family members, his father, and brother, become the members of his corporate governance as the terrific trio continues to help the students reach their destination.

The essence of his enterprise:

The essence of their enterprise lies in their culmination of competence, knowledge, resourcefulness, quality, attitude, and cooperation. They channel their energy in a positive direction to mend the students in a way that will lead them to live an independent life overseas. Knowing how tough it can get in a place that is far from home, Mr. Hussain has included many counseling sessions where the aspiring student is given counseling on how to solve problems and face the reality, how to develop their social skills.

In other words, the consultancy, apart from facilitating the admission and visa processing for students from all over India so that the international education can become attainable by being linked with a known International qualification from a reputed and recognized International Education partner of A.J OVERSEAS CONSULTANTS, the consultancy provides lessons on the maintenance of safety and security.

“To provide seamless facilitation of International education recruitment services between India and the world.”

The source of his inspiration:

No person can work without inspiration. An agent is needed to motivate him, push him and help him keep walking. For Mr. Hussain, it was his father and his words that helped him to keep moving through all odds.

“Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.”

These words kept ringing in his ears as he kept walking the journey alongside them to achieve his dream. By making each client a priority and delivering them with what they are expecting, they managed to win awards like Outstanding performance for the years 2017 and 2019 from air Arabia and Outstanding support and Commitment from GMR Airport Services.

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