She has a heart of gold but nerves of steel to don the role of an entrepreneur in a male-dominated territory

It is not an ordinary feat to transform a 25,000 INR investment into an annual 12.6 crores INR turnover. And she achieved all this while keeping environmental up-gradation at the forefront. Let’s read on to find out how she has paved the way for industrialization while preserving the ecological balance.

Ms Shruti Sukumar Gat is only in her twenties but has become an inspiration for millions. At such a young age, she already has four ventures running successfully under her wings. She is not a product of overnight fame or winning a jackpot. Her achievements are based on her sleepless nights, meticulous spirit, strict discipline, and endless struggles.

It all started with a casual trip with her father to a sugar factory at the age of fourteen. Her love for the growling and roaring machines paved her way into pursuing a mechanical engineering course from Sinhgad College, Pune. From the very beginning, Ms Shruti knew that her fate lies in laying the foundation and navigating a colossal firm. Even though the global energy demand is ever rising, she was determined to lay the foundation stone of a new world that is not heavily dependent on energy consumption. She endeavoured for two years in formulating technological avenues that prospered without harming the environment. Today, with Reclas, she has revolutionized manufacturing industries that promote and sustain the environment. Recla Internationals Pvt. Ltd. has been her dream project to meet the needs of the next generation steel construction. Her product UPS emphasis punctual delivery, rapid construction work, instant response, while ensuring the quality and durability of her products and services.

Ms Shruti Sukumar Gat partners with the local manufacturing businesses and ensures that they receive international quality materials to aid the rising socio-economic status. Recla Internationals Pvt. Ltd. is expanding across the national border and has met the requirements of diverse sectors. It is the provider of reliable materials to top-notch companies including multi-storey buildings, warehouses, aircraft hangers, factories, and more. Recla’s expertise lies in its ability to conduct continuous quality checks and maintain high-standard through its efficient research and analytical team. While preserving premium quality, Recla endeavours to conserve sustainable growth. The company aspires to meet the needs of future generations, where prospering technology and a healthy environment reside simultaneously.

“Hurdles will come in your way. You will face failure. But the only thing you will have to keep in mind is – you should not get scared, or back out. You have to keep working hard, no matter how much worse things get. Once you start giving your 100 %, the universe will show you the path itself. You will reach the peak of success,” says Ms Shruti Sukumar Gat.

Ms Shruti Sukumar Gat extracts and imbibes the qualities of a successful entrepreneur from her parents’ roller coaster experiences. Her biggest challenge was to create a space for herself in a male-dominated territory. Her fierce determination was her sole supporter to help her thrive despite the cut-throat competition in the sector. She knew that she would not stand a chance if she became fearful, emotionally fragile, and mentally weak. She had to be stubborn in putting in extra efforts to bring Recla to the perching height and for its recognition as the top ten promising pre-engineered buildings. Her professionalism with a personal touch made a deep impact in achieving her business goals. She has won accolades as the most Remarkable Entrepreneur of 2020. In 2018, she was honoured with the 2018 Veer Mahila award and 2020 COVID warrior.

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