Staying True to Its Roots: Handbook Architects and Interior Designers

Ar. Sanjana Srihari, the founder of Handbook Architects and Interior Designers, has made significant strides in her career, working on numerous projects that showcase her expertise.

One noteworthy project is the residence of Dr. Manjunath, a couple who are both medical professionals. Designing their home required careful consideration of their unique needs stemming from their medical background.

Located in Vijayanagar, Mysore, on a 2478 sqft North and east-facing corner site, the clients sought a design that would strike a balance between privacy and socializing, taking into account their busy lifestyle. The brief also emphasized the desire for ample natural lighting, ventilation, and hassle-free yet green spaces.

It was revealed that the clients were passionate about movies. With all these factors in mind, the design incorporated Vastu-compliant principles, abundant skylights, small secluded green areas, spacious balconies, and entertainment zones.

The advantage of the corner site facing North and east allowed for the placement of balconies and larger openings on the North elevation, ensuring an abundance of diffused natural light. However, such large fenestrations were limited on the east elevation.

At the core of any project lies a plan, which, ironically, rarely goes according to plan. Yet, at Handbook Architects and Interior Designers, it consistently does. This unexpected turn of events came about when Ar. Sanjana Srihari had plans to move abroad but found herself immersed in a cafe design project that made her realize her true calling as an architect.

There is often a misconception that professionals in this field are elitist, stemming from issues of approachability. Ar. Sanjana aimed to challenge and eliminate these misconceptions, leading her to establish Handbook as a firm that offers affordable yet contemporary designs for all clients, without any preconceived notions.

The concept behind Handbook was to prioritize client-centric design and delivery, a vision that has remained intact since its establishment on December 4th, 2019.

To date, Handbook Architects and Interior Designers have successfully completed over 50 projects, with 24 ongoing projects encompassing residential, commercial, hospitality and retreat, renovation, landscaping, interior design, retail, and more.

The finesse and allure of Handbook lie in its creative residential designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. Sanjana’s entrepreneurial journey is truly commendable, and there are undoubtedly valuable lessons to be learned from her experiences.