Story of Dr. Alok Shankar of RAVIAN LIFE SCIENCE PVT.LTD., inspired by Ratan Tata, strives to become a social entrepreneur with a difference

Ravian Life Science was incorporated in 2005 and has been granted WHO GMP / ISO 9001:2015, PPB KENYA & NDA UGANDA Certification to manufacture a wide range of Pharmaceutical Formulations. The company presently has a turnover of Rs 64.07 crore. The business has its commitment to quality, which requires it to ensure that their facility is geared up in providing the right environment. Their personnel is trained and quality conscious.

The business offers a wide range of pharmaceutical formulations covering Antibiotics, Anti-malarial, Analgesics, Anti-inflammatory, Antacids, Anti-Allergic, Anti-cold, Anthelmintics, Dietary supplements & more.  

Ravian solves the problem of providing quality pharmaceutical formulations as patients are dependent on pharmaceutical companies to provide them with quality products. By keeping

Quality and Compliance at the core of its culture Ravian’s reputation is built on the high-quality products manufactured for its clients in a cGMP environment and manufacturing practices that are WHO-GMP & ISO 9001: 2015 Certified.

With the USP of Ravian’s business to effectively engage with all their stakeholders in delighting consumers across the world. They did so by delivering products and services exceeding their expectations. The company aims to accomplish a leadership position through all-around value addition by constant transformation and unwavering focus on Safety, Quality, and Compliance centered around Environment Sustainability.

What encouraged Mr. Alok Shankar to get into business was to serve humanity with innovative and affordable healthcare solutions. This led to the start of Ravian Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

The challenges and struggles Mr. Alok Shankar had to face as an entrepreneur were seeking the opportunity to identify the industry/ domain. Mr. Alok Shankar had overcome these challenges through his learning of dedication and time management. What impacted his professional life from his personal life teachings was that he was an IAS aspirant and determined to do extensive. This is what makes him overcome the challenges faced in the business sphere.

According to him, the essentials needed to start a business or pursue a profession are determination and Forecasting the next five years plan.

For him, the opportunity in business was identified in the market based on the increase in the number of illnesses and diseases among people.

As an entrepreneur, what makes Mr. Alok Shankar unique is that he is employee welfare-oriented, always focused on opportunities and strengths and has developed health awareness within the organization.

The learnings he has received as an entrepreneur and in his profession is the challenge in identifying skilled and talented professionals. The increase in the prices of raw materials has impacted production.

His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is that

the focus should always be on long term goals in place of short term goals.

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