Success journey of a woman from Gujarat in advertising field

Advertising is one of the most competitive and growing realm in media and communication. Having two decades of advancement in advertising field is enviable and appreciable at the same time. This is the success journey of Ruchira Saikia, the partner of Akriti Advertising, which is located in Gujarat.
Ruchira has come a long way since the beginning of her career in Akriti Advertising. She had devoted her time into both office and in marketing processes. Being a good team player and an associate, Ruchira had played a vital role in expanding the business and drawing promising clients. She had also been a lecturer in Advertising and PR. She is a natural entrepreneur since she is an intrinsic learner and has great management skills.

“The thirst to implement an independent approach to problem-solving is what drove me to start as an entrepreneur early in my career.’’ — Ruchira said.

The journey began…
Ruchira had always been a go-getter and as perks of being young, she was determined and ambitious too. She considered struggles and grapples as an adventure which eventually leads her to Destiny. Her dream was to be successful in the world of advertising. But, like any other beginner, she started her career penniless but with ardent enthusiasm. And that was the beginning of her journey. She started her career in Akriti Advertising and in 1999, they launched NIFD pan Gujarat with a release worth 30 lakhs in a span of 3 months. Through strategic plans they withstood all the hurdles and shortcomings and gradually grew as one of the leading advertising agencies in Gujarat. The agency has been instrumental in introducing new brands (NIFD, Hutch / Vodafone launch in Gujarat, Dish TV in the entire western sector, MTS) and created international fame with the 7 Guinness World Records won for their clients.

Ruchira was inculcated with confidence and integrity by her parents. They taught her to dream big and work hard to achieve them. She spread enthusiasm among co-workers and employees and uplifted their confidence.
Being a woman in the male-dominated media field was initially difficult for her and had to face gender discrimination as well. But she stood for herself and made her way into the domain head high.

Success continues…
Ruchira helped Akriti advertising to have influenced and left its footprint on Mass media marketing and communications. They are acknowledged as an agency that helps their clients to achieve maximum reach and scope. Product launches pan India has been their greatest strength.
Now their services range from advertisement design and release in publications on India, creating brand communications in all media. They build brands strategically and contributed to the growth of sales and turnover. And they are actively involved in mass marketing through events and furthering social causes through events like BCCI Women’s cricket for empowering women, zero waste Day Concert, etc. Their future prospect is to shift to newer platforms and acquiring new manpower. And to combine traditional tools and digital trends.
Ruchira advises aspiring youngsters to have a creative mind. That is the only essential one need to start a business in advertising. Self-belief and practical approach can drive one to success by crossing all the hurdles on the way. But ultimately, those hurdles are worth encountering to live the life you have once dreamed of.

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