Sustainable Horizons: Green Architecture in Rohan Krishna’s Vision

S. Rohan Krishna, a licensed Structural Engineer and the Director of Vasudhara Interio & Constructions based in Hyderabad, has dedicated six years to crafting innovative architectural designs. His journey stemmed from a childhood fascination with dams, bridges, and buildings, fostering a passion for architecture and construction. Driven by a desire to make architecture accessible to everyone, he ventured into designing affordable yet quality structures.

Specializing in a spectrum of projects from Residential to High-End Villas, Commercial, Hospitals, and Infrastructure, Rohan Krishna’s focus on architecture and construction resonates in each endeavor. His aim is to create a mark in affordable design, aiming to establish branches across Telangana, making architectural dreams achievable for all.

Drawing inspiration from India’s architectural heritage, including monuments, sculptures, temples, forts, and dams, Rohan Krishna finds motivation in those who have contributed to the legacy of Indian architecture for centuries.

As an entrepreneur, challenges were inevitable. However, patience, relentless effort, attention to design quality, and timely project completion have been crucial in establishing a foothold in the market. Starting a business, according to Rohan, demands heartfelt dedication and a commitment to deliver superior design and quality output.

His unique approach lies in understanding architectural needs while keeping costs efficient and design-oriented. Rohan’s composed demeanor and comprehensive understanding of client requirements have been instrumental in sustaining his profession.

Each project holds a special place in Rohan’s heart. Particularly, his involvement in healthcare industry projects and infrastructure development resonates deeply with him.

Rohan emphasizes the importance of sustainable architecture in the face of increasing urbanization. He stresses the need to balance growth with environmental preservation for future generations.

Understanding client psychology is pivotal in Rohan’s work. Providing clear details about project design and processes, aligning with the client’s ideology, is crucial to thriving in the market.

His learning from entrepreneurship includes adopting international standards, ecological balance, and embracing the latest technology to uphold design standards. Rohan’s message to budding architects and designers revolves around contributing to maintaining ecological balance by adopting concepts such as Green Buildings and Ecological Urban Design.

Rohan Krishna’s accolades include nominations as a member of Indian Society of Structural Engineers (ISSE) and designation as a Chartered Structural Engineer by the Confederation of Engineers in Kolkata.