Taking forward his father’s legacy this Homeopath now owns 22 clinics across the nation

Dr. Ambrish Vijayakar – MD, Predictive Homeopathy Pvt Ltd.

Coming from a family of doctors, Dr Ambrish Vijayakar is the fourth generation physician, so medicine is very much ingrained in his family genetics. This MD (Homeopathy) set out to take forward his father’s legacy at the age of 25 years and in last 16 years have taken Predictive Homeopathy to the next level. He has trained more than 10,000 homoeopathic students and is one of the most followed and eminent speaker in the homeopathic fraternity. A journey that started 40 years ago is now in safe hands.

Predictive Homeopathy started with a capital investment of 50,000 only, which now has a turnover of nearly 10 crores. Dr Ambrish started learning all the expertise skills from his father at a very early age of clinical practice and started treating genetic mutational cases and chronic pathologies and served more than 50,000 patients in last 15 years from all over the country in free camps across 32 cities in India, under the banner HOPE for the HOPELESS. As a doctor cum social entrepreneur, Dr Ambrish, is taking his father’s vision and teachings in structured manner to all part of India and world, making sure that it adds value to patients’ life, doctors and homoeopathy at large.

With his vision to spread his father’s knowledge, Dr Ambrish, started with the chain of clinic and different structured courses and made sure that all students are thorough with clinical knowledge, so they also can achieve the same success through their clinical practice. Predictive Homeopathy is on a mission to make this wonderful therapeutic science of homoeopathy available to all those destitute and untouched class of mentally and physically handicapped across the globe. With an ultimate aim of serving humanity, the Vijayakars have been practicing and curing patients generation after generation.

Though homeopathy was there in the family, it was Dr Ambrish who gave structure to the business, and created a value based company which is pioneer in the field of homeopathy. Right from the start, his aim was big and he wanted to take the homeopathy chain to new heights. Hence, he structured it, protected and scaled his father’s knowledge through this chain of clinics. On asking about the current modus operandi of his chain of clinics, Dr Ambrish reveals that,

“Since last two decades, we are trying to reach out to maximum patients, especially with cases like mental retardation, physical retardation, slow learner, cerebral palsy, ADHD, neural developmental disorders etc and be their hope.”

Dr Ambrish also has plans to setup an international research centre in Mumbai. Using holistic treatment pattern and with the aid of comprehensive case history, individualistic treatment is meted to the patients. With an USP of treating genetic mutational cases, he treats The MAN in Disease and NOT DISEASE in MAN – a principle that’s set forth by the Vijayakars. Undoubtedly, Ambrish drew inspiration from his father who has been a homeopath legend, however, like any entrepreneur he too had to go through some bad phases in his journey. Since, doctors are just expected to sit inside the clinic and treat patients, it was hard for him to shred all inhibitions and start building an organization, striking a balance between clinician and entrepreneurship. But he was quite focussed and armed with his father’s teaching, Ambrish went on to build a well-structured firm that is based on values and string principles.

Dr Ambrish believes that,

“Scope for homoeopathy is huge in today’s market, as people are now trying to search for alternative treatments and want to find some solutions for their chronic ailments. Consumptions of homoeopathy in France, India, and Brazil is huge. So, obviously there’s an international demand and the growth would be quantum.”

According to him honesty, commitment, perseverance, discipline, focus and out-of-box thinking is all one needs to have to be a successful entrepreneur in this field.

Being awarded as “Business Leader – Homeopathic category” and “Nationwide under 50 award” this successful doctor feels that entrepreneurship is all about focusing on broader picture but at the same time doing all the smaller processes well which builds up to the success.

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