Tessera Architects – Crafting Sustainable Architectural Marvels

Ragini Raj Karthick, founder of Tessera Architects, began her architectural journey driven by a passion for environmentally responsible design. Trained under esteemed mentors and having spent 14 years at CDE specializing in corporate interiors, retail outlets, and hotels across India, Ragini founded Tessera Architects in Bangalore on August 3, 2003.

Since its inception, Tessera Architects has been synonymous with architectural and interior design excellence, specializing in cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions. The firm’s philosophy centers on repurposing existing spaces and furniture, minimizing waste while maximizing functionality. This approach not only transforms spaces but also positively impacts the environment and society.

Tessera Architects distinguishes itself through a delicate balance of clarity and innovation in their designs. Their projects reflect a profound understanding of client needs, ensuring personalized, client-centric solutions. Ragini credits Mr. B.V. Doshi as her professional inspiration, guiding her commitment to architectural excellence and societal impact.

As an entrepreneur, Ragini has navigated challenges typical of the industry, from market fluctuations to managing client expectations. These experiences have shaped her approach and reinforced the importance of resilience and adaptability in business. Looking ahead, Tessera Architects aims to expand its footprint in sustainable architecture, leveraging technology and innovation to enhance design efficiency and client satisfaction.

For budding architects and designers, Ragini emphasizes the significance of understanding client psychology and requirements. Beyond technical expertise, she believes empathy and communication are critical in delivering successful architectural solutions that resonate deeply with clients.

While Tessera Architects continues to garner acclaim for its innovative designs and sustainable practices, Ragini remains focused on pushing boundaries and setting new standards in architectural excellence.