The Best In His Profession, He Is An Young Entrepreneur With Great Mind

Coming from a family of business figures, Shaheer Muhammed Nazer automatically knew more than other people of his age. In an interview with us, he has explained how at the age of ten, he used to take a walk with his grandfather on evenings after a few hours of his home school lessons where he learned the basics of dealing and meeting with people in a management term called Relationship Management.

Not just for one day, but he used to go out for more days, met the same people, had a chit chat, and talked to them where he felt closer to them when days went on. It’s also the place where he learned the basics of retaining relationships through regular meetups which he still adopts the same lessons he learned from his childhood in his marketing career.

From a young age, he knew he had to be an entrepreneur because it is something rooted in his family that he too adored. At 15 years, he used to sit with his father & grandfather and help them in business. He understood buying behavior, marketing techniques, negotiation skills, and retail management from his family that was running an office stationery store, which was fair enough to feed a family of 11 members including him at that time.

What we learn from our academic is only 10% of the real-life, and we begin to know the real world when we start moving out and meet new people

His Journey & More

Fast forward to his actual career in marketing, he was recognized as a sales superstar by closing deals with the buyers ( customers )in his family business at a very young age of 18. Later, after finishing his post-graduation in management studies, he got an opportunity to work with different industries like telecom, aviation, and IT in a couple of years, that gave him a lot of exposure in dealing with people of different working norms, company policy, work ethics within a short period. It has truly helped him a lot to apply that basic learning curve throughout his entire career.

His brand is currently managing about 5 different major brand verticals in the field of General Trading and Export, Industrial Machinery and tools, Events, and Entertainment. With a few major additions to his brand, the family focussing on Food, DI FOODS one of their brands have begun our plan in the selling of spices and condiments to PAN India and the rest of the world, and being an event stylist and entertainment partner  DI ADAMS LIFESTYLE brought a big entry into the event and entertainment industry, and his brand was very thrilled when they were nominated under the best entertainment design category for the EMAK silent hero award 2020.

Also, post-Covid, he has been a part of some humanitarian jobs, which helped his brand gain momentum in CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibilities ). Volunteered for some UN aided food and education programs for children, and helped people in need at times of difficulty and uncertainty has strengthened his role as an entrepreneur to be more people-centric. With vision and passion, we believe, he will never fade away as long as his inner-self urge for more substantial development and growth in all footsteps he takes.

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