The Girl With A Daring Mind And Passionate Approach In The Field Of Interior Designing, She Instigates And Charges With Her Unique Ideas

What is the importance of art? What is the importance of the appearance that is increased by thematic appearances? What is the importance of including an aesthetic appeal in everything that we see around us? Starting from even small things to huge constructions such as a building, have you wondered why the need to incorporate the culturally accepted process of beautification?

It is mainly because aesthetic gives a mirror image of something that we are dealing with. Similarly, the importance of an interior designer lies in the effect they create on the person’s psyche through their representation of the client. It is the task of an interior designer, which Ms. Nidhi Shah believes, to incorporate the imagination of a client into the walls.

It is her task to give the inanimate construction of walls life so that it can breathe. It is her task to make the client’s dream come true. With this thought in her mind, Mrs. Shah opened her DeTales – Design Stories, Interior Design Studio at the young age of 25 with nothing but the investment of five lakhs.

By incorporating the ideology that she needs to turn the dream of a client into realization, she continued to chart a path in one of the most competitive yet hopeful enterprises. Having a keen eye for art and craft and a curious person who wants to explore the world on her bike, this daring lady took up the task with her head held high and applied in Interior Designing from Architecture College, Vidhyanagar. Having eleven years of experience in her bag, she is battling to become the top contender in her field.

The Struggles She Faced:

Knowing well that it is the nature of life to have ups and downs if one wants to be successful. When asked about the struggles she had to face while taking on the challenge of becoming an interior designer, she claimed that the initial years of her career were a bit rough as getting a good client was harder than anything. To meet the mark that the client had set, she worked hard around the clocks until she got what she deserved.

“Struggles are part of life, like everyone else I also have many responsibilities and setbacks but with the blessings of God and my dear ones I keep on taking steps ahead”.

Through many trials and errors, Mrs. Shah has achieved what she came to conquer.

The Idol That Shaped Her Ideas:

Having the dream of opening her very own firm, it is the support of parents, friends, and the client’s demand for her work that motivated her to start her journey as an interior designer. However, it was her idol, with whom she worked for 2 years as an Associate Interior Designer on a partnership basis, Ms. Anisha Modi, who shaped her ideology of aesthetics and the ethical principles of having been indulged in this industry. By learning the set of values from her idol, taking in all the knowledge that she had to give away, she embarked on her journey to make a difference.

“I learned how to manage your personal and professional life, Time management, Dedication, etc. And I am still learning from her and my other designer friends.”

Advice To Young Minds:

By encompassing her emotions into the work, which reflects the joy of creation through the embodiment of the present invention, she believes is the key to interior designing. It won her two awards, Best of Houzz 2020 design, Best of Houzz 2019 Design, consecutively. She advises aspiring interior designers to focus on the good things, as the bad ones will pass. After the storm lies a beautiful rainbow that will usher happiness and opportunities in life. With that, she also imparts knowledge with some technical guidance. 

“Know your worth and Goals and take a calculative risk”

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