The heart surgeon with a heart – serving his native place selflessly

This Dhule based cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon never forgot his roots and is back to his native place in order to serve the needy with complete dedication.

Dr Yatin Wagh – Consultant Heart Surgeon, Shree Vighnaharta Superspeciality Hospital

The seeds of becoming a doctor and serve the society was sowed long back when Dr Yatin Wagh was just 8 years of age. He had to undergo appendectomy surgery and during that period of his prolonged illness he experienced hospital environment, doctors’ interaction, nurses and ward boys’ service etc. At that tender age he was determined to be a doctor and surgeon when he would grow up and serve the mankind. Today with 5 years of clinical practice at an age of 35, Yatin is a renowned heart surgeon in his town. He had every opportunity to settle in a bigger city and get associated with branded chain of hospitals, but the pull of his motherland brought him back to Dhule, where at ‘Shree Vighnaharta Superspeciality Hospital’ he is serving his patients with utmost care and expertise.

It wasn’t easy for Yatin to set shop in Dhule. He had to face several challenges on every step of his journey as a cardiovascular surgeon. In last 5 years, he could successfully create awareness of heart related diseases and ailments among the people of North Maharashtra. There were operational issues in terms of absence of proper infrastructure and inadequate medical equipment to carry out surgery and treatment of heart patients. Dhule isn’t an advanced city and he struggled initially to gather medical resources for running a superspeciality hospital. Fortunately, a few of his superspecialist doctor friends got together to open Dhule’s first superspeciality hospital and quickly he gained popularity as a renowned surgeon across North Maharashtra.

Yatin feels that his sensitive nature and dedication towards his work has given him all the success at this young age as a doctor. As a doctor who struggled to set up a hospital, he feels that, “Medical facilities in our country are very much scattered and consolidated to very limited cities and the presence of fewer government hospitals in our country has made them overburdened, so I feel government should step in and make uniform availability of healthcare reforms across urban and rural India.”

During his training days in Mumbai, he was moved by the sufferings of the poor patients who had to wait indefinitely for their treatment and often succumbed to death without being treated. The ill-fated condition of the rural patients made Yatin realise, how badly the rural villages needed a doctor’s service.

As a visionary doctor, he feels that the budding doctors should dream big but remain grounded. Humanity should score beyond anything else. He has been awarded as a Facilitator Surgeon for charity mission ‘Every Heartbeat matters 2020’ of Thoracic Surgery Foundation, Chicago, USA. He has also bagged ‘Rashtriya Arogyaratna Award 2019’ by Akhil Bhartiya  Pratibha  Sammelan. Divya Marathi felicitated him with ‘Proud Maharashtrian Award’. These awards and recognitions are just symbolic while deep inside he is on a mission to serve mankind as a heart surgeon.

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