The Story Of Dr. Mehra Will Inspire You, Energize You’re, Motivate You To Take The Hard Path, Because Only By Overcoming Storm, Can One See The Rainbow

How many would come forward to establish a foundation that will protect the diversity of this nature? How many dare to trade paths in a road that is full of obstacles? How many would courageously take the ‘less taken road’? It takes courage, patience, and passion to undertake a task that many do not feel the need to do.

It takes empathy and the love for nature to make someone bring change in the world. Thankfully, Dr. Satya Prakash Mehra was one of the very few talented people who took the matter into his own hands and continued to walk on that ‘less traded path’ because it was the need of the hour.

Having many adorning degrees to stand witness for his competency, Dr. Mehra took the initiative to be engaged in the matter of ‘conservation of natural resources and sustainable development through community mobilization.’

“He is involved in action-oriented conservation research and advocacy in association with Governmental Organizations/ Non-Governmental Organizations/ Academia/ Consultancy Firms.”

Having published 150 research papers on the critical matters of the environment which has been published in a vast array of publication modes showcases his contribution to society through his creation of awareness.

Currently, he is roped in Rajputana Society of Natural History situated in Rajasthan as an Advisor working on the principle, “Conservation Practices for Sustainable Livelihood” with the co-lead partner Dr. Sarita Mehra focused on the development of site-specific and practical Socio-Ecological Models.

The Inspiration:

When asked about who his inspiration was throughout this hard journey, Dr. Mehra commented that it was his mother, Late Mrs. Shakuntala Mehra who inspired him to work for those who didn’t have a voice, to work for those who didn’t have a rock to lean on. Seeing his mother selflessly work for the rural women in the 70s and 80s gave him the nudge that he needed to keep moving forward.

“It is in the name of my mother, we established our eco-friendly or green center titled “Rajputana’s Shakuntalam”.”

Apart from his mother, his father, late Mr. Gopal Krishna Mehra inspired him to establish foundations namely, RSNH and RREDC. With the added help of Dr. Sarita Sharma Mehra helped escalate the momentum of these initiatives.

The help that he received from personalities like Dr. Swati Samvatsar Pandit and Dr. Vinay Singh Kashyap, further energized him to contribute to the platform of women-preneurship. It was the collective inspirations that he received from the bunch of precious people around him, helped him to keep going forward with multiple projects.

The Struggle:

A man with such depth of knowledge was sure to face hurdles. These obstacles are what makes success sweeter. When asked about what struggles he faced during his journey, he claimed that the lack of financial support in his field was the biggest challenge.

“The lack of financial support for such types of exclusive initiatives was the primary challenge. Further, the expectations of the rural women of fast and short-term earnings were other key concerns.

To overcome the issues that were staring into the face, he concluded that induction was needed. This induction will be targeted to the acceptance of the community so that the whole aspect can get mobilized through the implementation of three Ds.

He reckons that it is the inclusion of Devotion, Dedication, and Determination mixed with that fiery passion for ‘doing good’ that will get them far. Be believes that it is these three D’s along with zeal and undying enthusiasm will strengthen the path of the objectives.

Advice To The Young Enviro-Preneurs:

The winner of International Education Award 2020, Chris Freeman Distinguished Scientist Award 2020, HREA Annual Award 2020, GECL Sr. Scientist Award 2018, Certificate of Excellence Award 2018, and some others, Dr. Mehra has shared his wisdom to aspiring minds about enviro-preneurship.

“Break the cocoon of existing societal setup, always be open for learning, think and act as per inner voice and natural strength but cautiously after thorough learning of practically.”

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