This Building Environment Specialist is bringing in new design concepts with absolutely zero carbon technology

Purav Bhrugu Khakhar – Founders, Purav Interiors

At a young age of 24 when most of the youngsters look for higher studies to seal a better future, Purav Bhrugu Khakhar, took the entrepreneurship plunge through his venture “Purav Interiors”. Founded in October 2015, his firm provides versatile interior designs to its clients that are not only appealing to the eyes but also ensure optimum utilization of the space. This involves both home space as well as commercial spaces. Purav passionately elucidates, “At Purav Interiors, every piece is lovingly hand crafted and finished with sumptuous natural wood of the highest quality, and while each collection has a distinctive, artistic shape, the curved lines at the core of each one means all designs are cohesive and endlessly combinable. Whether you choose furniture from our existing collections, or decide to commission a bespoke piece, we hope you find all that you need to express your individual style at home.”

The designs put forward by Purav Interiors provide positive impact on productivity, health, and well-being. It also influences the market and its clients to go in a greener direction by specifying and purchasing proven sustainable items, directly benefitting human and ecological health. Being in the industry for almost 6 years, they have been doing right to get the attention of their clients and competitors.

Being a Civil Engineer with 1st class Honors’ from University of Bath, UK, with majors in Building Environment, Purav is a versatile building environment designer with in-depth knowledge in fields of energy from renewables and low carbon technology, natural and artificial lighting systems, acoustics, services in building, summer time overheating, winter time heating and ventilation units, zero carbon technology and passive house technology. Apart from Building Environment specialist, he is also a passionate Interior designer with experience in contracting and structural design consulting. Owing to his multi –disciplinary knowledge in construction he gives a holistic approach to all his projects, which makes them one of its kind. Purav not only limits his work as a professional but he is also visiting professor to various reputed universities and colleges like CEPT, Rachna Sansad and Indian Education Society.

Purav is excited about his entrepreneurial journey so far. He says,

“One of the main reasons I am self-employed is that I find it difficult, if not impossible, to fit into the corporate mould, work for someone else, or work on someone else’s schedule. It might be difficult to persuade people to invest in your plans or recognise the importance of your professional objectives when you have fantastic ideas.”

With an aim to utilise every space in the expensive city of Mumbai, Purav uses his skills and expertise to make the most out of every square inch of the house. This leaves his clients delighted as all of their requirements are met while remaining inside the limits of the available space, which would also have a spectacular interior.

Purav Interiors specializes in a tailored touch home. They create made-to-measure wardrobes, kitchens, cupboards or an original piece of bespoke furniture that’s best suited to the available space. Besides offering custom style to its client, they guarantee custom comfort as well. With their luxury couture furniture, you can adjust your headrest & footrest to an exact position for maximum comfort.  Their Luxury series gives the flexibility to comfortably entertain guests and then lounge with ease after they leave, all in a manner that one would opt.

Every entrepreneur has his own share of struggles and Purav is no exception. In his initial days as a designer, one of the most challenging task was client acquisition. It’s tough for people to accept new ideas and trust the efforts put in by an amateur company. But, blessings came in form of a family friend, whose work he started in order to demonstrate his worth. Following the conclusion of the project, requests flowed in from additional clients as a result of their recommendation and his superb design work.

Being recipient of “The Best Design” for the yoga studio located at Bicton UK by the University of Bath, UK, followed by “Mo-Bro Gold Award” for November fund raising at University of Bath, has its own prestige element. To all young entrepreneurs in this field, Purav has a set of clear-cut advice –

“Keep trying and never give up. As an entrepreneur, you face new difficulties and learn new things every day. This experience will assist you in becoming a better entrepreneur.”

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