This mother of two is successfully educating the underprivileged kids through her enterprise

This social activists cum educationalist wants to imbibe values within little kids through affordable education, personality development sessions and counselling.

Mrs. Kalpana Sunil Gosavi – Founder, SK Square Enterprises

Established in 2014 with an aim to help every child get basic education and thereby grow up as future leader, Kalpana Sunil Gosavi’s SK Square Enterprises is set to make a lot of difference in our society. Being a child counsellor she conducts counselling sessions for school and children and wants to see them happy. She is also associated with few organisations and regularly participate in many social activities for social improvements. Kalpana’s venture is registered with the Government of India. And it is working for children’s growth with different activities. Trying to keep children on high energy. Even during the pandemic period, her organisation was actively taking online sessions and virtual events for children.

Education is a basic human right every child should get, this is a necessity to better the life of a child’s future. Today’s child can be a life changer, great future leader, a person who would grow up to respect society and communities. A well-educated child has the power to change the world specially. Kalpana and her firm is working towards creating a successful future of a children. Her establishment takes responsibility of underprivileged kids, it provides with basic necessities and all education materials. Mostly they are from lower section of the society whose fathers work as farmers. SK Square has also taken virtual classes for these village kids during the pandemic lockdown period.

As an organisation into social well-being of children, Kalpana’s venture aims to grow vertically as well as horizontally in all states of India. She is all excited about the growth opportunity and tells that, “We are also working on career counselling and career guidance; we guide children to choose a right and suitable career path. Our children is the future of this nation and hence we have taken the responsibility in educating them.”

The ace industrialist Ratan Tata has always been an inspiration to her. With support and encouragement from her husband, Kalpana has sailed through the rough sea of entrepreneurship. Being a diploma holder in Mechanical Engineering, she couldn’t complete her education and got married. But post-marriage her husband let her complete her education. Today she is successfully toggling between roles of a mother, housewife and an entrepreneur. It wasn’t easy for her to start her own venture, there were lots of negativity around, but she took the negative things as affirmatives. She realised that confidence is the one of the main keys to success and worked around the same to keep it intact.

Her naval background also taught her a lot of life lesson. It has helped her to be a problem solver and stay positive. It taught her to remain focused and not lose hope. To all young aspirants who wants to make it big in the world of business, she feels that one should make sure that it aligns with both their core competencies and passions. Only then it will be a great hit. Also being innovative and disciplined will take things a long way.

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