This Spiritual Entrepreneur is imparting alternative wellness & healing therapies through various courses since 2010

Mani Gyanendra Goel – Founder, Mani Healing International

Mani Healing International, started its journey a decade back in the year 2010, with an objective of helping people in distress with spirituality and healing therapy. It all started, when its founder Mani Gyanendra Goel, met the renowned Buddhist teacher, His Eminence Rinpoche Beru Khyentse, which led in practicing meditation and actively walk on the spiritual path. Subsequently, she began painting and creating artworks without ever learning any form of painting. Mani also began to practice healings during those meditations and then learnt several alternative healing therapies from teachers all over the world, during this time. And when friends and relatives started benefitting from her sessions, the idea of starting a Spiritual Wellness and Alternative Learning Enterprise came into her mind. That’s how Mani Healing International took its shape.

Mani is an Indian born Hong Kong resident, who experienced multiple roles before settling with her enterprise. This alumni of Australia’s Flinders University has worked as a flight attendant in Hong Kong for over a decade with Cathay Pacific Airways. She had an illustrious two year stint as an Aviation Researcher & Analyst in Asia-Pacific region. She had been a columnist for some of the best publications in the Asia and also for Asian Age & Deccan Chronicle in India and various online magazines. She had freelanced as a model in Hong Kong and within Asia-Pacific, been a co-host on television too. She also owns an independent film production house in Hong Kong, which makes corporate educational films and documentaries.

Mani Healing International is an ISO accredited enterprise for all their courses, seminars and consultations. In keeping with the current circumstances of pandemic outbreak, the organisation have mostly moved online and still working on going fully online. Mani Healing International is a highly trusted and popular alternative learning enterprise, where all the courses are designed by Mani, herself and are her signature courses. She teaches internationally and travel globally. Most of her clients and students come from across cultures, nationalities, from all over the world, from diverse professions and wide age bracket.

While explaining what her enterprise is into, Mani reveals,

“I have devised and created several spiritual programs like – Akashic Records Healers & Practitiners Course, Soul Design, and Sapphire Healing System. A course on Telepathy. A 21 days course on Abundance Mindset where I teach how people can remove blockages related to money and success. I also teach about Inner Child Healing & Relationship Harmony. I also offer a detailed course in Chakra Healing & Balancing.”

Mani Healing International also has its significant presence in India, where it operates through a team of healers, alternative therapists and passionate entrepreneurs like sound therapists, acupuncturists, artists, architects, and coaches who offer their services or share their stories to motivate through Mani Healing’s platform. Mani Healing’s aim is to enable people to gain spiritual maturity, advancement and evolve spiritually, it helps to cope with challenges that life throws at us from time to time, with ease and grace.

On asking Mani Healing’s uniqueness, the founder elucidates,

“Universality, ability to relate, authenticity and practicality of wisdom that transcends boundaries are our USP. As a spiritual enterprise, we teach about how spiritual therapies and spirituality can be imbibed in our daily lives and enhance our day to day living and feel more empowered in our everyday life.”

With strong foot prints in Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand; Mani Healing wants to simply serve humanity without any barriers of nationality, language, religion, caste etc. Apart from her Guru, Mani takes inspiration from Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, and Edgar Cacey. She admires Sudha Murthy’s simplicity, Beyonce, Sakira & JLo’s talent, and Coco Chanel’s determination and will to build a global brand.

On asking about the challenges she overcame during her entrepreneurial journey, Mani says,

“Luckily I didn’t face any major hindrances. I had people approaching me and trusting me whole heartedly even with serious issues such as critical illnesses like cancer, stroke, personal family situations, etc. For me my main struggle during initial days was to learn to handle some really complex cases and to communicate with my clients in a manner that is encouraging even when the situation at hand was serious.”  

Being a successful coach and healer with global appeal, Mani feels that principles of integrity, true value addition to someone’s life, being sincere, compassionate and empathetic in all interactions are a set of qualities one should possess to shine in this field. And then there’s no substitute to hard work. Face challenges with zeal and never give up. Be focused and determined to achieve the goal.

Mani is the only Indian to win the title “Ms Interline Beauty Pageant Hong Kong”. She is also the recipient of Stree Asttiva – Woman of Substance Award, Wow Iconic Stylista Award, and “Global Icon Award as Best Young & Stylish Spiritual Healer, Author, Motivational Leader & Life Coach”. She is truly making a remarkable feat in the field of Spirituality. 

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