Three Decades Of Professional Expertise Amalgamate To Create Masterpieces

Have you ever wondered who holds power to turn your dreams into a concrete realization? Have you ever wondered who the ones that give your abstraction the artistic horizon by providing it with form and structure are? It is the task of an engineer that fills the gap between the imaginative abstraction of a client and the concrete realization of it.

Understanding the needs of engineers who practically hold the power to ‘create,’ The Mavi group initiated their entrepreneurship where professional engineering solutions are given to those who seek it. Their dream to formulate others’ dreams came to materialization in 1990 when Mr. Bhupinder Singh Mavi started his MB Engineering journey with only one vision. 

“His vision was to provide a one-stop for all engineering services, i.e., plumbing, electrical, building, construction, and interior fittings.

Through his hard work and dedication to bring this into a realization, his enterprise took up and, in 2007, achieve the formation that it was seeking for as the MB Engineerings banded to be known as Mavi Buildtech Private Limited with two highly-skilled leaders, Mr. Harinder Jeet Singh Mavi along with Mr.Jasvinder Singh Mavi, who joined years later.

With their combined knowledge, experience, and zeal to get ahead in the business, they continued to achieve success. The expansion of the company’s reach in various fields, including restaurants, corporate offices, retail stores for international brands, interior fit-outs, and hotels, stand witness to their hard work and brilliance. With the help of renowned architects, such as Ar. Abhigyan Neogi, Ar. Ravi Pandey, Ar. Sachi Gupta, Ar. Sudhir Sharma and Ar. Raseel Gujral, their masterpieces, gets the artistic expression to breathe, to live, to the allure.

What their enterprise is all about:

With one goal in mind, that they want to provide an effective engineering solution to the corporate world, the Mavi Buildtech Pvt Ltd started the mode of expansion. The leaders’ knowledge, the director’s experience, and the firm’s competent associates’ skills provide a 360° solution to those seeking an effective engineering result.

Their mastery over their service landed them with Mahatma Gandhi Leadership Award 2018 and The Most Promising Infrastructure Company Excellence Award. Their service, which encompasses solutions such as construction, HVAC and electrical plumbing, architecture, engineering, interior designing, has helped them recruit some of the renowned and fit-for-the-task associates who help them maintain their high Service Standards through and through.

They tend to increase the effectiveness of their service by incorporating three aspects. Providing Budget-Friendly rates along with enduring commitment and the assistance of the latest technology to make it more sustainable is the kind of development that everyone needs.

Renowned projects:

Their willingness to devote their all to their clients can be shown in the projects they take up. The incorporation of artistic direction enriches it with subjective expression and endows it with the uniqueness that speaks for itself. The solutions, boosted with technical support, enhance sustainability. The technical assistance is incorporated to enhance the quality of living.

Some of their projects that stand as their professional expertise are Dixon Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd., Dehradun, A.J International, Delhi, Kala Niketan, Vegas Mall, Feetos, Gaur City Mall, Royal China Eros Tower, Nehru Place, Burma Burma Cyber Hub, Gurgaon, Bang & Olfsun In Taj Krishna, Hyderabad, Bang & Olfsun In Quest Mall, Kolkata, Tods In Taj Krishna, Creed In Chanakyapuri Mall Etc.

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