Through Ups And Downs, With Nothing But Inspirations, And Staunch Will, Mrs. Sarika Sets Out To Achieve What She Deserves

The humanistic approach that leads one to help others, that leads one to help others grow, that leads one to fulfill the role of a guide is something that has its moments of gratification that sets one on the path of advancement. It is one of the approaches that is undertaken by any HR of a company who has to guide, help, befriend, nurture a person to his success.

Knowing full well the role of human resources in an enterprise, the humanitarian approach taken by Sarika CK, hailing from Fragomen Immigration Services India Pvt Ltd as a senior human resources specialist, she has undertaken the task of nurturing the colleagues in her office.

“I am a self-driven human resources professional, passionately on a mission to transform people to become a better version of themselves.”

Being highly talented, creative, pleasant, systematic, and flexible, Mrs. Sarika has utilized every talent she had been given with the urge to prove herself through her work. Though she has seen some hardships in her times, the knowledge she gathered by facing those hard times helped her to gain forward. Being in this industry for more than ten years, she has taken everything she has and turned it into a fruitful result as her company won the award for HR excellence award in 2018.

“As a firm Fragomen India has won the ‘Best Place To Work At’ and ‘HR Excellence Award’ for wherein I was part of. The award was given by World HRD Congress in 2018”

The encouragement she received:

Basing her whole ideology in one statement alone, she turned all her despair into a mode of opportunity to rise and shine. The quote that helped her to keep walking through the hard times is ‘do not settle yourself for being average at everything, be great at something’. Instead of giving her the smallest amount of passion for everything, she focused on only one aspect, which is to help others gain advancement.

“The very insight of the workplace being a very human place to be, will not ever change despite all the automation that the world is envisaging.”

Banking her all in the power that humanity holds, and how influencing it is, the impact created by the HR helps them gain forward. With this work, she had the chance to stand out from the rest and be unique and impactful.

“The world needs a more human touch to reiterate that we need to spend as much time inspiring people in the rest of the business to become more endowed and vibrant.”

Through this thought process, they will help the workplace become a better place, where each colleague can grow to be what they want to be.

The inspiration behind her success:

By inspiring and influencing people to be better at what they do, by providing them the space to grow, Mrs. Sarika claims that her inspiration is no one but her family members and her friends. The people in the close circle helped her grow as a person. She took inspiration from everyone in her life.

“I get inspired by my kids for having so long years left in front of them to conquer the world, I get inspired by my life partner who believes that the world is with those who succeed.”

Drawing inspiration from her children and her husband, she understood that she has the backup to conquer the world.

“I get inspired by my superiors who provides me with opportunities for success, I get inspired by my mentors for they achieved success with very easy and small hacks.”

Being inspired by the people around her, she continued to work on herself so that she doesn’t end up in the ‘grey’.

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