A Gem For India, Learn About Her Achievements In The Field Of Physiotherapy

Dr Mamta Biyani, Founder of Recovery Clinic in Jaysingpur. It is a town in Kolhapur district, Maharashtra. She has not only broken the glass ceiling and established herself as an expert in the field but has also initiated many advanced yet affordable treatments in her small town that are available only in big cities. Medical treatment, therefore, is very individualistic in nature. Today healthcare is at the cusp of huge change and the need for the hour is for radical thinking and disruptive treatments to address the dynamic economic and social environment. She is an award-winning doctor for doing impossible things under her supervision. Also, she was recently acknowledged with Times of India Icons of Health Award 2019.

Why Physiotherapy?

The concept of care to her is primarily associated with physiotherapy, which has a very personal significance compared to treatment. It was because of the belief of personal care that Dr Mamta was attracted to this profession. She hails from a little town of Jirapur near Indore in Madhya Pradesh. Her family withstood a major setback when she lost her father after a prolonged illness when she was just 10 years old. She is the eldest among her siblings, she helped her family to tide over the most difficult phase of their lives.

Dr Mamta Biyani

“During those 3-4 years when my father was hospitalized, I remember spending all the free time I had to be beside my father… I used to believe the doctors and nurses are like Gods and they can heal anyone. My father also wanted me to join this field. That’s when I decided to make a career in healthcare.” Says Dr Mamta Biyani.

After she completed her studies, in physiotherapy from IIMS Indore. She had to make her career aspirations take a backseat and move to Jaysingpur after getting married. The therapist in her, however, did not relent and she kept on administering therapies on near and dear ones at her home. The opportunity came knocking after a few years. Partnering with her best friend and fellow physiotherapist Dr Neelu Parihar and with the support of her family, she turned her dreams to reality and started her own Physiotherapy clinic – Recovery Clinic.

“Treating the patient right with dignity, empathy and honesty are simple but essential measures that can go a long way in recovery”- Dr Mamta Biyani

Struggles That Came In Her Way:

“Small towns have their own set of problems, the biggest being the lack of awareness on how physiotherapy can help them,” says Dr Mamta Biyani.

From the beginning, her clinic has evolved into the most sought after the clinic in Jaysingpur for Physiotherapy. Her clinic provides progressive yet affordable therapies that develop, maintain, restore maximum movement and functional ability in her patients. Her therapies help people of different ages when movement and function are threatened by ageing, injury, diseases, disorders, conditions, or environmental factors. No wonder that patients come all the way from Karnataka and far-flung Rajasthan to seek treatment at her clinic. She certainly is great at what she does.

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