A Mentor And An Inventor Of Modern Teaching, This Young Man’s Approach Is What Kids Need

Prof. Chirag Suresh Advani, a 27-year-old already a business capitalist; his organization, Balaji Institute Of Education, is just eight years old and already made a huge impact on the country’s education system. He is a very bawdy child found studying very difficult to handle. Then, the observation that teachers ignore the children who won’t study made him feel ignored too. When he finally started taking his studies seriously, he realized that teachers’ behavior towards him has changed. They started to like him, and they were on good terms with him from that time onwards.

This incident made him realize what was wrong with the student-teacher relationship. Every child does want to study, and somewhere this desire is bumped up in some corner of their mind. But the moment they feel sidelined, their thought process changes & the grades go into free fall. At that moment, he decided to start his teaching and make sure that every child associated with him should be guided on the right path and make sure they get into the right career.

Business Scale Up

As a teacher, he felt the need to sit with children, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and guide them on the right path rather than do away with them. So, the institution provides tutorials for the school and college sections. The format is classroom teaching with experienced faculty. With the service catering to a maximum of 10 students per batch, they strive to pay attention to each student attending the lectures.

With the goal of maximum focus on individual students, they provide one to one home tuitions. Also, under distance education, we have UG, and PG Degree’s Courses from UGC approved Universities for working Professionals and specially-abled candidates. The organization further provides Education to all, helps to be successful in career, pays attention to deprived students, and helps choose the right career through our counseling sessions.

The Inspiration Behind

Throughout his life, he only admired his father and his mama(Uncle). My father has always worked hard and made sure to support his family and colleagues in every possible way. And his uncle works smart. He is not someone who would slog. Resultantly, I try to adopt both & my mantra becomes


He is someone who loves interacting and doing counseling. He is a certified and practicing counselor, counsels many students, but the thing that encouraged him was that he wanted to give his students something. So treat all students equally; everyone is talented; it’s a teacher’s job to find out a student’s talent. Currently, with a turnover of INR 1,800,000 and Rank 2 In Final Year Graduation [Mumbai University], Rank 2 In Post Graduation [Kelkar College], Youngest Successful Class owner In Mulund East area 2018-19 [CCPA], and top 100 Education Consultants From Sulekha, he is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of the country.

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