An Environment-Conscious Architect: Here’s the Success Story of Ar. Shreya (Sunil) Mirpagar

Principal Architect & Founder of Biophilic Design Studio Ar. Shreya (Sunil) Mirpagar has been working in the industry since 2014. Structures always fascinated Ar. Shreya (Sunil) Mirpagar since she was a 6-year-old, and her father has played a vital role in her fondness for designs as he’s always had a keen eye for detail.

Ar. Shreya credits her father for being her best friend and guru. Imbibed with the skills and the zeal to learn more, Ar. Shreya pursued Bachelor in Architecture from Dr. B N College of Architecture, Pune, in 2014 and founded Biophilic Design Studio in 2017.

Ar. Shreya (Sunil) Mirpagar believes that architects contribute to society and the environment. She also strongly believes that it is the need for an hour to build, keeping the environment and sustainability in mind. That being said, Ar. Shreya went on to pursue a master’s in Environmental Architecture in 2019.

She believes that an architect is responsible for simultaneously ensuring that a space is aesthetically pleasing and sustainable. You won’t be able to create spaces without mother earth. Biophilic Design Studio was founded with an aim to build environment-conscious and sustainable spaces. The harmony between the buildings and the environment is balanced, and the team emphasizes the 3S philosophy: Synergy, Sensitize, & Sustainability.

The architectural company makes use of vegetation, natural light, natural materials, etc., to make modern spaces with the help of natural aspects around us. The company has been working on 2 Architectural projects and two interior projects.

Biophilic Design Studio has over eight years of experience in the field of Architecture, Landscape, Interior design, and styling. Their USP is to build sustainable spaces with an understanding of physics. Every client holds utmost importance for them, and their needs are the company’s top priority. Therefore, the team tries to sit and understand the minute details of their client’s requirements to help come up with a plan that allows them to build their dream space while keeping the environment in mind.

The company’s goal is simple. It is to help their clients think of nature and awaken their consciousness. Ar. Shreya (Sunil) Mirpagar herself executes every project and offers appropriate guidance to her team.

Ar. Shreya (Sunil) Mirpagar always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but she also wanted to share her wisdom with the world. She’s associated with various well-known colleges in Pune, and she also founded Biophilic Design Studio in 2017, with her husband, Tejas Christanand Mirpagar, being the co-founder.

Thus, her dream of becoming an entrepreneur and a teacher has been successfully fulfilled. While it wasn’t a smooth ride, Shreya faced the challenges with a positive attitude and wrote her own success story.

Ar. Shreya (Sunil) Mirpagar believes that as people, we come from different backgrounds, places, heritage, cultures, lifestyles, etc. She believes that it is essential to understand where the client comes from to give them what they’re looking for. It is a unique experience for an architect to understand their client and do wonders with the project.

As the principal architect and founder of Biophilic Design Studio, Ar. Shreya (Sunil) Mirpagar has learned to be firm on your thought process while also trying to understand what the client is looking for. It is an art to make your client understand what’s right and wrong, and it is vital to stay practical and logical.

A message Ar. Shreya (Sunil) Mirpagar wishes to pass on to budding architects that

we must respect & preserve our roots! Nature is an excellent source of inspiration. Be a part of society and contribute towards its welfare. Travel the world. Explore the unknown. Take risks. Follow your heart & never give up.

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