Beyond Boundaries: Ferroart’s Reach Across States and Generations

Sagar Bhadbhade and Leena Bhadbhade are the driving forces behind Ferroart Interiors Pvt. Ltd., a company that seamlessly blends art and technology to create beautiful spaces. With a background in engineering and a passion for design and style, they have established themselves as experts in the field. Their journey began in 1995, and now Ferroart is a well-established private design firm, handling turnkey interior projects across Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and neighboring states.

Their specialization lies in residential and commercial projects, and their innovative approach has led them to set up their own technologically advanced manufacturing plant for custom-designed furniture. This in-house facility enables them to save nearly 50 percent of project time by simultaneously starting interior and furniture work during the construction phase.

What sets Ferroart apart is their unique turnkey interior solution, incorporating factory-finished designer furniture, all completed in 50 percent less time. They infuse spaces with positivity, combining the principles of the law of attraction, saptachakra-based interior, and vibration resonance theory to create harmonious environments.

The Bhadbhades understand the importance of professional workmanship in design. They moved away from traditional carpentry methods due to their limitations and unreliability, choosing instead the efficiency and skill of turnkey interior with factory-finished designer furniture. This allows them to use a variety of materials like wood, metal, fabric, and leather to create distinctive and captivating spaces.

Travel and nature inspire their design, but they go beyond the technical and aesthetic aspects. Understanding the natural surroundings, clients’ dreams, and plans are integral to their process. Listening attentively to clients helps them craft spaces that resonate with positive energy and happiness, turning every project into a heartfelt and welcoming place.

Their commitment to building lasting connections with clients is evident, with many becoming an extended part of the Ferroart family. The satisfaction they derive from clients returning for new projects, even after a decade, is a testament to their success.

In the competitive world of interior design, they’ve earned recognition and awards like the Times Business Awards 2021 for Best Turnkey Interior Designer and the National Business and Services Achiever’s Award 2021. They firmly believe in enjoying their work and passionately infusing each project with creativity and positivity.