Call Themselves Accidental Entrepreneurs; This Couple Is The New Face In The Pharmaceutical Industry

The power couple, Mr. ManasRanjan Rout (Director) and Ila Rout (Director), founder of Cognitrex Consultants Pvt. Ltd has taken the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical market by storm. The intellectual output and 17+ years of experience from both have been a gift in shaping their businesses to achieve the top position in the market.

This particular industry had multiple gaps and void to fulfill. Holding a BCom and Diploma in Pharmacy worked as a bonus, and having experience in sales, marketing & strategies was useful enough for them to understand their professionalism to a different level.

Ila Rout (Director) told us, understanding the need for medical guidance was the primary step towards their organization. Hence, in the year 2015, they decided to start their businesses in pharmaceuticals. Like in every other industry, the beginning was hard, but within five years of establishing Cognitrex Consultants Pvt. Ltd. currently serves more than 70 clients. It includes pharmaceuticals and “Medical Device, Medical equipment, hospitals, R & D companies, Medical Diagnostic companies Pharma and healthcare medical communication companies in India.”

Through their healthcare service, they work on various functions, such as “Market assessment, competitive intelligence and market intelligence, Key Opinion Leader (KOL) perceptions,” etc. In short, they provide an in-depth analysis of the market, molecules, therapy, medical devices, and areas of this sort. They anticipate a big future in this industry and are willing to work as hard as it requires to provide their clients with the best proficiency that they expect. They could sense that India’s pharmaceutical market would change very soon, and post COVID-19; their prediction became true.

Post COVID, it has been evident that the entire world is looking at India as Pharmacy of the World.” She Says

Funny thing, she calls them “accidental entrepreneurs,” but in reality, handling it better than most of the other entrepreneurs. The consistency & dedication for this job throughout their lives has made them unparalleled with anyone in this field. Upon asking who they idolize as their guru or mentor, the answer was no surprise, she said, ” To eminent personnel, I admire personally.  Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani. Both the personnel taught that you should believe in yourself and continuously do your hard work.”

Even after retaining years of experience in this field, their organization’s progression was not smooth. Many who had less idea that Market & Competitive intelligence reports could be prepared with accuracy, were making it hard for them to deliver their proposal. For entirely two long years, they had to provide free reports to the clients to make them realize it was possible. In later years, with more than 8,000 doctors, 1,000 distributors across Pan India,” they are now more successful than ever.  She takes pride in receiving remuneration for learning and educating people on the importance of pharmaceuticals and more. This year, in July, their hard work finally paid off by receiving “Best Market Research Startup” by CEO Insights Magazine.”

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